Sunday, February 21, 2010

Husband's mutton curry

I had today planned to the boot. I knew Saturday would go off in a rush.. house hunting etc..

But I thought Sunday will be ours.. with no intrusions.. just spend this whole day together.. go visit some places / at home / having nice lunch /dinner.. maybe a movie at home with popcorn etc. That was my plan.Work has been really hectic for both of us.. combine this with house hunting over weekend.. and there is absolutely no time at all.. weekend flies... and by the time you know it, Monday is already here.

So today i woke up real grumpy.. as i realised yesterday that we had to see some more places today in the morning.. not just that, A has committed to taking some lecture somewhere in the evening does he get the energy I cant fathom... we put in the same hours at work.. while i would be totally off and sitting and cribbing about the world in general, hes out and about doing household chores.. happily that too!!! Here i think i should mention, i do household work too.. but all grumpily.

So anyway with the house seeing today in the morning, then grocery shopping at Spencer's and news of the lecture, I could see my Sunday going down in the drain.

And then the mutton curry happened. A got mutton home.. he takes bout 3-4 hours to make this mutton curry.. so while I in all earnestness suggested that he should not attempt it.. maybe to bring down my grumpiness.. he insisted. And i am happy he did that.... there's a lot of effort that goes into A's mutton curry... it is not for those who cant cry to death cutting some 100.. 1000.. onions.. or for those who are real hungry (which i always am because of lack of breakfast... maybe its A's tactic) .. because this tests your patience. All in good cause.

So after painstakingly cleaning and chopping the mutton pieces to the right size.. and then finely chopping the hundred onions.. cook the onions for at least about an hour.. and then cook it with mutton for another 45 mins.. onions become sweeter the more you cook them.. and tastes awesome.. some masalas (only some mind you).. and then pressure cook till you think mutton is done.

A's Mutton curry and rice.. its out of the world. My Sunday is saved.. with a nicely cooked and an amazing mutton curry... my weekend has not gone waste... at least weekend pe kuch acha to kiya!!!!! Lip smacking totally. And is a perfect meal to have just before a nice afternoon nap.... sighhhhh :)

I am happy. Thank you.


Scarlett said...

How much mutton & onions exactly? And what masalas? If you could share that information, that would be nice :)

Moonshine said...

That 100s of onions comment didnt help?? lol.

Very rough estimates... less than a kg of mutton, about 700-800gms... added bout 7-8 medium to large onions.

Masalas- salt, turmeric, chilly powder. If you want you can add a little bit of coriander powder too.. though A prefers not to contaminate his curry. The gravy should be thick and not watery.