Sunday, February 28, 2010

Karthik calling Karthik... nooooooooooooooooooooooo

We watched it.

Why oh god.. why......why why why.. why me.. why us....

Thats the question i want to ask Farhan Akhtar.. well, hes produced the movie too ..

Sighhhhhhhhhh.... the movie is about Karthik.. obviously.. the over burdened.. forever at work weakling.. who everyone tramples on.. deepika padukone, the chic smoker, doesnt even know he exists....

His boss calls him an idiot.. he is the favourite whipping boy despite the fact that he does all the work,, he does not get any appreciation/ recognition.. (some parts in that statement people can identify with.. and thats not the idiot bit....hmmm..) this day and age, which bosses call their employees idiots!!!!!!

Anyway, he is the weakling who gets fired.. and then he starts getting a call everyday.. from ..tadaaaaaa.. Karthik . So this phone karthik in his breathless panting non conversational over exaggerated dramatic voice (you have to hear it to believe it) gives motivational talk to the other Karthik everyday. And lo and behold.. we have this brand new karthik who takes on the world with a venegence.. takes his job back from the boss.. at 4 times the salary and corner cabin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, how one wishes!!!

Coming back to the movie, not only does he become the head of business development.. he also starts dating the ultra chic Deepika Padukone. Now this Farhan Akhtar i like.. the witty charmy, ever ready with a quip Farhan.. So now that Karthik is happy with his job.. and his girlfriend.. obviously we cant have things status quo can we...

He tells Deepika Padukone about the phone calls... When she protests...he tells her that after marriage, he can take the calls from the living room when she is sleeping.. and she has an expression that says.. "dude you are solving the wrong problem" (source: dilbert)

So in any case, now the other Karthik is enraged and threatens this Karthik.. destroys his life.. he loses everything. And this theme occupies the entire second half of the movie.

It is pure torture.. in the second half, you feel like you are sitting through a badly made RGV horror movie. This movie is best left alone.

But as usual.. there are some thing nice about the movie (i just am not able to trash movies completely, what to do)... Deepika Padukone's office wear.. its sleek.. stylish.. very formal office wear.. where do you get such stuff.. why dont we wear such stuff to work!!!!!!!!

Farhan Akhtar.. is good.. as the ultra confident suave Karthik and even as the loser Karthik. The songs are good too.

Maybe they should have made it shorter. That was A's thought.. yeah i guess... it would have been crisper. Conceptually the story is quite ok.. but it fails to thrill you. Towards the end when they reveal the suspense (though you may have already guessed it much before).. they show snatces of previous scenes from the movie.. and it is supposed to all come together a la Sixth Sense.. but there is no sense of wonder that one feels when watching that sequence from Sixth Sense..

It just doesnt thrill you.. not even remotely. Please watch the malayalam movie Manichitratayam...for reference.. i get goosepimples everytime i watch it...that is what thrill is about.

Maybe it is about high expectations that one has from some actors / directors.. like Farhan Akhtar .. most of his movies have been good ( directed or acted).. so you go with the thought this one too ought to be good.. you are already positively predisposed to the movie... but............ :((

But its all not so good film and 5-6 good ones.. its ok.. it cant be always good.... so we will wait, we will watch.. with high anticipation for Farhan Akhtar's next release!!!!!

ps : Dear god, please let road, movie be good.


Scarlett said...

When a director...any director...signs someone like Deepika Padukone as his leading lady, you know the movie isn't going to be good. Even if it is an actor/director/producer of the caliber of Farhan Akhtar. Is the phone Karthik the loser Karthik's alter ego? That's what I suspect even without having watched a single shot of the movie?!

You need to be smart to be able to make a thriller convincingly. Otherwise it can fall completely flat.

Moonshine said...

@ Scarlett Yes i should i have guessed the Deepika Padukone bit already btu somehow that fact got obscured because of Farhan Akhtar!!!!!

Yes it not exactly his alter ego .... but you are quite close.. one more guess and you would get it..

I wonder how the film critics rate movies as this as 3.5 stars and all!!!!!

The knife said...

such a pity. i saw luck by chance again. he has done good stuff so far

Moonshine said...

@Knife Farhan Akthar has done brilliant stuff!! I quite like him... but its ok.. next one will be great am sure :)