Monday, March 1, 2010

A few pondicherry pics...

Gingee (en route to Pondi) ... There is a fort here. We were totally zapped when we came across these hills. It looks like somebody has heaped up big boulders and rocks!!!!

De'l Orient Facade... Its in this bright pink colour.. and it makes you feel really happy when you see it. Right next to it was a school with a bright big green door. Extremely cheerful. This hotel is an 18th century restored mansion. And they have put up pictures of how it was when they found it... totally derelict and cracks everywhere. The 2nd pic is of the small yet very sweet courtyard.. ideal to sit and read books!!

The giant doors, pretty bathroom, the footstep to a high bed and such small artifacts in
every room. Each room is different - these are pics of 2 different rooms. And for me that was the greatest pleasure.. the one I looked forward to ... we stayed in 3 different rooms :)

Auroville - Matri mandir.. Pick your day carefully before you go. We went on a weekend and were surrounded by hordes of people. It was also extremely hot.. wear comfortable shoes since you do need to walk a bit!!!

Mahabalipuram - There are 3 places that one visits.. the panch ratha, the sea shore temple and Arjuna's penance... pick a cool day to do so.. we almost fried in the heat. Everything said and done, it is gorgeous.. if you like history.. you just cant help but marvel at the carvings.. The first picture is of the seashore temple, then one of the carvings (Krishna lifting the mount govardhan) and finally the often seen on TV, Krishna's butterball.

Pondicherry is quite nice if all you want to do is laze around... maybe walk around the french quarters a bit.. and then walk on the promenade.. and then twiddle thumbs and do nothing... an idyllic place :)


Scarlett said...

Neither A nor I are a temples & religion people, so we'd probably just go to Pondicherry to walk around the French quarters & relax. Having said that, I've wanted to go there for quite some time! How far is it from B'lore & how does one go there?

The knife said...

wd be really interested in the French quarter

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett I didnt mean you would like it if you are temple/ religious person.. you would probably marvel at it because it was built eons ago... i meant interest more in historical sense :).. i really like history.. and Hampi, Khajurao are on my places to see list!!! So if you dont enjoy such places, then drop it!!!! Its anyway far too hot to roam around the place.. we totally fried in the heat.

Pondicherry is about 7 odd hours away from Bangalore by road. The drive is real smooth. I guess you can easily go by bus/ train in case you dont have a vehicle.

@ Scarlett & Knife The french quarters are really nice... they have lovely names .. like we stayed on rue de romain rollande.. then theres rue de suffren.. labourndonnais street etc.. and you can walk around the entire place.. though i didnt quite like the food dished out.. many restaurants claim to serve french food but didnt find any authentic one.. or maybe we didnt go to the right places!!! You guys can go and advise...:)).. or better still, take me along if you all are going?