Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Road, movie

Road, Movie
I watched it weekend before last. A little late in writing .. doesn't matter!!

I liked it.

Warning : the movie does not have a conclusive end.. there is a story but no end.. its like someone narrating an incident / series of incidents that happened to them when traveling.

So while watching the movie, there were a whole lot of booooos...i dont know how anyone can ensure it but am sure it would make a lot of difference to the quality of movie watching if you are not stuck with a bunch of losers.. like we were. A set of people.. who did not like the movie or maybe couldnt understand it.. were at it, through the entire first half.. commenting.. laughing raucously.. till A jumped up in his seat and scolded them loudly in his barritone voice. And the theatre fell silent...then we watched the movie peacefully without any interruptions.

So coming back to it... the movie is quite nice.. as long as you do not expect action or thrills... just enjoy it for what it is.. scene by scene.. and you will like it.. you will like everyone in it.. the small kid, the gypsy, satish kaushik and abhay deol.

When will you ever get to see a hero wiping his a** using plants after potty out in the wild.. lol .. though that is not the main attraction.

Quite a nice movie.. kaafi thehraav hai.. as my boss used to say.. the movie has a mind of its own .. wanders off to explore nooks and crannies in between.. wanders off the road to smell the flowers.. comes back.. and then again stays on path for sometime.. till the next interesting thing comes along. It reminds me a book by Ruskin Bond called book of nature.. the similarity between the two being.. nothing happens.

And nothing needs to happen to make it interesting.

I came out feeling nice and pleased.. pleasantly satisfied with the movie.. happy at having seen it.. liking abhay deol even more (so what if he has started featuring in crappy ads)


Scarlett said...

I'm planning to watch it this weekend, though the reviews aren't very encouraging.

The knife said...

Luckily I watched the film at Bandra where folks were smiling at the right point. I totally agree with your description. A nice film where nothing happens. The Starbucks bit stuck out though.

I was coming in with samosas during the grass part. Looked away. As I did in S M

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett I think you should watch it. I liked it.. maybe its do with state of mind :)

@Knife A good crowd makes a difference.. people can be annoying at times!!! The scene was not as bad as SM.. when i saw it in SM, felt nauseous.. here it just evokes laughter..