Wednesday, March 17, 2010

yak yak

Saw percy jackson yesterday.. a kid movie, i kid you not!!! Heheehhehe... didnt require that i know ;)

Very similar to the book.. which i didnt like too much.. so you may think why is it that i even went for it.. the movie usually is a worse version of the book as a rule... but i like fantasies.. and for some reason, for the want of any other movie to watch.. ended up watching percy jackson..

And ok type movie.. no great shakes.. similar to the book.. may appeal to kids? Maybe!!!
During the movie.. again seated with some imbeciles on one side.. i hate it when people yak through the movie.. and the trailers as well (really look forward to it)..

Yak yak yak... animation.. yak yak yak.. clash of titans is better... yak yak yak.. the medusa shown in titans is better.. she's slippery.. very phatang (what the heck is that.. swear they used this word) ... thankfully most of the chatter was reserved for breaks / start of movie..

What is it with me.. is it my age.. all i could think of was swatting them.. smashing them.. and jumping on their head.. and clobbering them.. i just cannot deal with them .. and they didnt even talk much during the movie..
Yesterday was ugadi.. new year for Karnataka / AP/ Maharashtra.. since one half of us belongs to AP.. i decided to make something.. sweet..

And i made something similar to shahi tukda.. at least i tried to make it..what it finally turned out to be like.. i dont know!!! Came out decently.. as long as you dont know that it was supposed to be shahi tukda. Rest all is fine!!!

Very simple recipe (me being the lazy sorts) i adopted.. about 6 slices of bread cut into squares without the edges.. fried in oil.. and dipped in sugar syrup which is laced with cardamom.. and some milkmaid on top.. thats it!!! Thats my version of shahi tukda.. or whatever you want to call it!!! :)
Had a really nice lunch at ITC
Had a nice day doing nothing.. woke up only at 11am!!! And still more sleep to catch up on!!! It never ends... and on that note.. let me catch up on my sleep.. goodnight..


Scarlett said...

Percy Jackson was being touted as the replacement for Harry Potter. Ha! I never felt like watching it. Some friends of mine dragged me to the theater to watch it, I kept praying that we wouldn't get tickets (LOL)...and we didn't!!

I too can't stand annoying people at theaters. People who keep talking or kicking your seat...I just turn around & ask them to stop.

There's a non-vegetarian South Indian restaurant here that makes its own version of shahi tukda. It's got bread, sugar syrup & khoya, and some more fattening thing, I think. 'A' loves it. He can have 2 of those by himself. I felt like throwing up after one bite!

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett Percy jackson.. next harry potter.. no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was irritated even when they were not talking during the movie.. so couldnt ask them to stop really.. their incessant chatter really annoyed me..

You dont like the shahi tukda served by this restaurant or generally you dont like it?