Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the rating scale

As I am sure I have mentioned in my previous posts.. I hate appraisals. If its not my own appraisal that i need to fight for.. it is somebody else's that is an issue.. and that without fail has always been the case... rage, anger, frustration, tears...Always!!!

I have never had a happy appraisal time.. i have never seen a time when everyone is smiling.. you and the team members.. everyone together.. only in fairy tales!!

Why is it so traumatic i dont know. Shouldnt it be a time of the year which everyone looks forward to...yes, i will come to know how to utilise my talents better.. and try to understand what can i do to make MYSELF better!!

It is supposed to be constructive, isnt it .. then why should there be this aura of dread surrounding it!!!

But yesterday there was this eye opener.. apparently i make too much of a big deal about it.. i was chatting with A about all this.. when he suddenly was like.. why do you get so hassled. What does it matter. At times there are constraints that people have.. accept it and move on. And it doesnt bother him at all!!!!

Whereas me.. i would always be fretting.. oh why this rating.. why not that.. maybe i take it more personally. Its my performance afterall..

But then i think.. there is a grain of truth in what he said.. i shouldnt let it affect me.. whether its to do with me or my team..

Just accept it.. and let it be. It does not matter. Yes, thats my mantra... ask me again next year this time!!! :)


besunni said...

Wonderful to hear about the new perspective :). I think you are onto something there.

Scarlett said...

loThere are no appraisals in fairy tales!! :)

I think people dread it for 2 reasons - 1) It's difficult to take criticism and 2) A bad rating generally connotes low increments & bonuses, so the appraisal becomes punitive rather than constructive.

I too am bad at taking criticism, used to get really disheartened with a bad appraisal but I'm learning to deal with it better. And when I'm doing someone's appraisal, I always keep a record of instances to back me up.

The knife said...

wonder if not having one is worse...will let you know once i figure out

Moonshine said...

@besunni I need to latch on to it!!! Not sticky enough yet :)

@Scarlett If only!!! Hrmmmpphhh

I completely agree with that.. theres too much consequence attached to it!!!

I am still bad at taking criticism!! :) Yes, maintaining a log helps a lot. Giving feedback myslef i dont see as an issue.. for me at least. Its more about those uncontrollable things, you know qhat i mean!!!!

@Knife I think it should be better. Didnt have one last year!!! Though got dragged into others. Do share you experience!!! Do you fight then when its handed out?