Sunday, March 21, 2010

Outlook traveler magazine.. cant live without

The outlook traveler magazine.

The one thing i look forward to every month!!! End of every month.. beginning of a new month.. i start pestering our newspaper guy.. when when when.. when are you giving us the magazine.

And then the day i get it... there is this peace of mind that prevails.. when you are really really really waiting for something.... and then when you finally get want to savour it..

It is like the last harry potter book.. knowing there are no more to come...
Or the last day of a vacation when you want to savour every minute..

For this magazine, well, there is no such consequence attached. But then, the day i get it.. is not the day i start reading it.

I look at the cover.. then after a few days take it out.. read the editor's note.. the note about each journalist or travel writer.. i read letters to the editor.. the queries people put up to marco polo..

Basically i read it cover to cover.. and read it real slow.. an article at a time.. slowly, lovingly, spending time on each article and each picture .... visualising and thinking about the time we will make that trip to that far off beautiful place!!!

Till now i had never met anyone who subscribed to it!! Till i reached Bangalore.. and i discovered my neighbour at work who enjoyed and savoured it as much as i did!!!!

We had numerous chats about Kai Friese, the editor. The thing is, they never put a picture of him..untill recently.. And boy, were we excited about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And happy with what we saw.. thankfully close to what we thought.... the two of us smiling happily.. staring into space..thinking about Kai Friese.

Oh well..

OT is really special to me. I have been subscribing it from 2006.. and the flutter and the curiosity.. what will they cover this time i wonder...still is present!!!

Its so refreshing .. so easy to immerse yourself in it.. and then be in a stupor!!!

Maybe its because i am an escapist... and am forever plotting and planning to escape into one of the many worlds that OT showcases!!!

Its march end.. almost.. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. I am waiting..

ps: does anyone know how can one get a job there!!! :)


Scarlett said...

I know exactly what you mean. I used to really treasure some of the story magazines I used to subscribe to as a kid. Remember 'Nandan'? It used to have really nice stories & I'd stretch reading it over a month.

BTW, does OT mostly feature places in India or abroad?

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett lol... yeah treasure i the right word..:)

OT does a combination of places in India and abroad.. they usually do features like monsoons, train journeys, best treks, rajasthan, where to next (small places that are not touristy), europe (places not on tourist map. etc etc..there have been a few issues on food as well!!! There was one article on shacks in goa.. both budget and luxury.. really interesting to read.. and something to keep in mind when planning your own trip.

The current issue is about luxury travel.. the only problem to that is .. we have no money :((

The knife said...

have you checked out Lonely Planet India?

Moonshine said...

Not yet... i want to!!! Will probably check next month's issue and see how it is.. if it should subscribe or not!!!! Is more expensive i what i remember!