Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mangalore beckoned

The question I have been faced with for the last 1 week - Why Mangalore? Do you have family there? Or is it work? And EVERYONE asked me this question.

While there was a reason why we selected Mangalore, I was really surprised to hear the surprise in everyone's voice!!

The reason was we had to exhaust some gift vouchers and the easiest destination was Mangalore. I was also enticed by pristine beaches (whatever little I had read about the place) and the food!!! And of course with all the things happening around me, I needed a break desperately!!!

It is a small city. An extremely small town.. pretty much like Calicut. A few kms in a rick and you have almost covered it all. Theres not much activity it boasts of. But then if you like lazing and not doing much, its a place you can be at!!

On Day 1, we went off to Udupi! Its only about 1.5 hrs from Mangalore. Udupi is like a temple town, though we went mainly to sample the food. The name Udupi strikes a bell? Yes, you are right.. it is famous for its food.. albeit vegetarian. They have a huge temple complex at Udupi - a krishna temple. Apparently the food is associated with the Krishna muth, or so says Wikipedia!

The food is lip smacking. Within the temple complex, there is a small ramshackle place called Mitra Samaj. Thats where we ate - when I say ramshackle, it really is!!! And you wonder if you can stand eating there. The food is delicious!!!!!!!!!! It is very simple and humble fare but amazing!!

There is some chariot towing or something in the evening but we didnt hang around for it as it is really hot and theres only so much you can see in all the temples!! We also tried going to Malpe (the beach is great though it was too hot to enjoy it) and from there to St Mary's isle.. the ferry people refused to take us!!!! Min 30 required we were told. We also drove around in Manipal.

Of all the places to have dinner at in Mangalore, we chose Gajaleee!!! Yes the Bombay one.. why, dont ask me. Food was ok.. conversation was brilliant!! :)

Day 2 we ventured out for lunch at a very sad place called Pallkhi .. apparently an awesome restaurant in its heydeys! Sad sad sad food. But we brightened it up with Ideal ice cream (very famous) parlor called Pabba's .. while the name is a put off, the ice cream was good!!!

We went to St Aloysius Church.An Italian painted the church and has depicted the life of Christ & of St Aloysius. It is a gorgeous place and full of colours right upto the ceiling. And then to Kadri temple & Mangaladevi temple.From Mangladevi temple, Mangalore gets its name. We also visited Panambur beach which is really pretty though a tad bit crowded.

The evening dinner was the best in terms of food. Just awesome, fish and prawn preparation we had!! Totally lip smacking.

And day 3 we did.. zilch. I read JK Rowling's biography while A watched the match or slept!!

A true holiday :)

Its a cute town - go when the weather is more conducive to just chill!!


Scarlett said...

There's a Taj in Mangalore??

Moonshine said...

Yes.. gateway :)

Moonshine said...

Yes.. gateway :)