Sunday, March 13, 2011

If only the last over were bowled by Bhaji !!! Sob Sob!!!

What a waste!!!!!!!!!!!! Its been a long time since I have watched cricket avidly. I used to be a big fan during college days.. used to watch each and every match no matter what!! During my board exams.. it was economics exam to be precise.. all we could think of was to quickly write the exam and get back home - in time to watch the India - Pak quarter final match!!!

Then steadily I lost interest. These days I watch it only sometimes. And world cup is one such event that I do watch. Anyway, enough with the history!

Why did MSD give the last over to Nehra!!!!! That is one question that will always play on everyone's mind!!!! Why Why Why Why..... another match which we literally gave away .. the first one being England... literally fattened up the chicken, cooked it and plated it up and fed it to them by hand!!!!

Well, I shouldn't begrudge them the excitement they created. Indian team, no matter what happens,  always makes it totally value for money for the people who bought tickets!!! Look at the India - England match!!! Even if we had made "450 runs" yesterday (har...har...har...har...), we would still have made it interesting enough.. maybe that would have resulted in a tie!!!!!!!!

So, being the good fan.. I am glad the team lost. At least we will not be complacent for the next match with the West Indies!!!

But MSD, I still trust you totally!!! Please please please don't make our lives so exciting!


Gone are the days when 287 used to be a big total to defend. I wonder what the big total now would be.. 450? 550?? Where will it end?


The Tata docomo mobile number portability ad.. the boy buying eggs and other people playing trumpets and acknowledging him as a hero... what does the chorus say?????????

I always hear IDLI..tararartararataarara IDLI..tararatarararatarara..IDLI...

A says Vicky.. has to be that guys name..

Logic is no fun. IDLI is better :))


Whats with the coke parrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ad!!! What does it mean?? How does it denote open happiness?


And theVodafone 3G ad is SUPERB!! Totally SUPERLATIVE!!!! The music.. the Rajni style action!!! Just AWESOME.


If anyone is interested in the pic, it is Kahlua mousse - available at Toscano. As amazing to eat as it is to look at!!! Yummy.


the-mommie said...

sheesh! that match was a disgrace! how the heck do u lose 9 wickets while scoring 26 runs during that timespan!! nuts!

I was at a kiddo birthday party when the indian side was bowling so i didn't get a chance to get indignant about the bowling as well!

I'm bordering on saying - FIXED! so the next match will be made all the more interesting for the homecrowd to watch!


will have to find al those ads on youtube before i can comment! :D

Shruti said...

When i saw that Nehra was to bowl the last over, my first reaction was WHY? WHY WHY?? He has always been such an unpredictable bowler! I still cant figure out what possessed Dhoni to hand over the ball to him :( And like you, i was watching cricket after a long long time :(

The tata docomo ad story of yours reminds me of R (my ex-boss). She always used to hear 'IDLI' in the song, yeh dilli hain mere yaar! :))

Moonshine said...

@mommie Seriously yaar..its just so random!!!! People need to have their heads examined!!

You would have cringed at the Nehra decision!!!!!!!! The minute he was given the bowl, we all were saying, bad decision!!!!

Like I said, its better we lost this one.. than to ahve lost in the quarter finals or semis!!!!

@Shruti I still like MSD! We all make mistakes.. we are all human ;) MSD usually makes a lot of sense.. and give a damn about what others think .. thats what I like about him.

Dilli and idli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats way off :)) I am better, arent I? lol

Scarlett said...

The Coke ad is the Indian version of their international 'Brrrrrr' campaign that's done very well in other countries for some strange reason. I find it very stupid.

Isn't it common knowledge that when the opposition requires very few runs to beat you and you have an entire over to bowl to them, you go with a spinner rather than a pacer?

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett The coke ad song actually is prrrrr.. rapa.. prrrr.rapa (as per the hindi movie song).. so i didnt get it.. now they have started showing brrrrrrrrr in writing!!!! Didnt like this one.

And we almost repeated the SA loss.. 50 runs, 7 wickets!!!