Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I bleed blue!!!!!!!

A change of guard (pic) in support of the Team India's big match tomorrow!!

Isnt it absolutely terrifyingly exciting!!!!!!!!!!!! If India had not met Pak in any match, I am sure everyone would have been disappointed. I wonder how gods above managed to arrange all this!!! But there is this other side to all of us I am sure.. a scared side.. what if.. what if.... we dont win!!!!! There I said it.

It is an incredible tension inducing match. Look at all the news stories.. the run up to the match creates half the tension. A one hour programe dedicated to just this!!

And the tickets selling like crazy. 1 lac per ticket a news programme on TV reported. 1 lac!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reports of our neighbours coming down to the country to watch... news of Indians giving away their tickets to their brethren.

Half days in office.. even if it is not said obliquely, no one.. not even a single person, expects you to put even 2 cents worth of work. Most of the people plan to "work from home" ( we all know what that means).. or watch at work on these mighty screens set up in offices itself!!!! I know people who are refusing to travel tomorrow. And no one bats an eyelid even if they refuse and are vocal about the reason. We should just declare it as a half day officially! lol

In my sister's society where she stays.. they have put up a big screen in the grounds.. and there is free chaat, tea, samosa etc!!! They are making and distributing flags among the residents!!

It is a full circus everywhere. This is NDTVs main story today!!!Not just NDTV but actually all the news channels!!! Statistics being spouted every where.. how many players in both teams have played against each other in previous WC.. all the people remotely associated with cricket are sitting in some panel or the other!

The Pak PM has apparently announced a half day in Pakistan tomorrow. How cool is that!!!!!

And me.. I was to travel to Bombay for a meeting and had made a full plan to go to some pub.. and cheer!! But all plans came crashing down as the meetings got canceled! :(

But never mind... I will watch peacefully at home with my ever present wine bottle and A if he deigns to get home early!

Dear god, please let us win tomorrow. Please Please Please.

Actually in my heart, I know we will!!!! After all we have never lost to Pak in a world cup. Smirk Smirk..

This is the time when I really love MSD!! He is so cool. So chilled out!!!! Its a wonder really, the pressure doesnt get to them!!!

A silent hug and a loud CHEER for all of you in the team!!!!!!!!

May we win (I think my grey hair will rise by 30% after this match)


Shruti said...

Have crossed my fingers too! we have to , have to win!!! Dont know what it is about a Indo-Pak match that generates such frenzy! The TV in office has been moved right infront of my desk! yay! :)

Moonshine said...

We set up a screen in office!!!! And no one worked today!!! God!!! This is so stressful!!!!

the-mommie said...

We WON we WON we WON!!!!!!! wooohooo! that was an awesome match!

Moonshine said...


Now on to saturday!!!!!!!

Planning to watch it outside.. in some pub!!!!