Thursday, March 31, 2011

A long awaited addition!!!

I am talking about a pair of specs!!! Yes sir!!!!! Finally I got one.

I have always loved specs.. let me rephrase,  I have always loved the idea of wearing specs!! Seeing my love for specs, many suggested I buy a zero power specs. How tacky!!!!!!!! As if I would.

Everytime I would go to an eye doc, he would tell me to do that stupid eye exercise.. which I am sure would have helped but its so hard to act on whats good for you!!!!

So finally, at age 32, I have discovered I have power - +0.5 in each eye.

I was the most excited person on earth.. finally I would get to buy a pair of specs! I went to select my pair in the morning, took A along but couldn't make up my mind. Hes way too practical!

I needed a girl.. so I took my friend along to buy me a pair of specs. And we selected the most awesome pair - awesome enough to suit me even for important meetings. It is a plain black pair of specs.. with some blue on the sides.. enough to make me feel funky!! :) And it costed me .. a bit.. well!! Never mind!! My first pair... :))

Here are the pics.


mêlée said...

congrats :D
As a kid I too wanted glasses almost as desperately as you!

Scarlett said...

I thought you were talking about a new addition as in...ahem...a baby!!!!!

As someone who's worn glasses since she was 8 yrs old, sadly I don't share your enthusiasm for them :)

Moonshine said...

@melee Thanks!!!!!!! So glad I found someone who also wanted glasses!! Till now everyone has shunned that thought!!! lol

@Scarlett Hahaha!!! Really!!!
You look very cool in your specs!!! Looks really awesome.

Gobri said...

Moonshine - I think everyone who does not wear glasses wants them. When S bought a new pair, the store let me choose a frame for free. I got my first pair of glasses (zero-power, I know lame, but then...). But being the free kind they are quite ugly.

What did you do to get a power?

Moonshine said...

@Gobri Seriously man!!!!!

Never seen you wear them!! Or is it too ugly to do so?

I just aged gracefully to get power!!! hehe ... I actually spend my entire day reading & watching.. on the machine at work.. at home first thing I do is switch on the machine and watch TV .. and I finally close the day reading!! I guess it caught up with me ... I am happy :)

You just need to try harder Gobri :p

lak said...

I had the enthusiasm as you ,18 yrs back when i got my first glasses.Not any more! If it wasnt for laziness ,i would have adapted contact lens everyday!!

Moonshine said...

@lak maybe I am too new to this!! But I love it :)

Gobri said...

Moonshine, I never wore them because they indeed were too ugly.
I will try hard till I succeed. I suppose age will catch up with me too soon as it did with you :D

Moonshine said...

@Gobri Damn you!!! lol

Get your eyes checked anyway.. you never know... you may need specs!