Sunday, March 6, 2011

What it takes to get a cup of good filter coffee - @Airlines hotel

Yes I am in Bangalore. On an average, the filter coffee you get here is way better than the rest of the cities i.e Mumbai, Delhi and the likes.

And yet, I am never able to finish a full cup of the coffee, never able to slurp it down , never get a craving for it... no matter how big or small a place I go to!!

And I had kind of given up till we went to Chikmagalur a few years back.. and the coffee was simply beautiful. I would down 2 cups of it every time we sat down. And I just had to have that coffee powder!!! I pestered A to find the place where we could Panduranga coffee powder (PCP) ... we just could not locate it. Finally, the hotel guys very sweetly, as we were checking out disheartened, gave us a pack of THE coffee powder. I was ecstatic!!

I bought a filter from Mysore, especially to make coffee with PCP.. used it exactly once!!! Coffee as limpid as ever!! I never get the proportions right.. as A said " it is in the hands of the maker"

Since then, the filter coffee machine has joined the puttu maker in one corner of the kitchen.

But lo and behold.. the maker we found yesterday at breakfast.. truly a great talent!!! :)

 For the first time, by chance, at the insistence of a guest, we trooped off to airlines hotel. It is not a hotel hotel.. more like a snacking / breakfast place serving idlis, doshas etc.

It has the essential closed restaurant and totally restful open air joint built around a big banyan tree...I didn't take a pic of the coffee but of the Banyan tree I did!!

 It is as peaceful as it looks in the picture - though 8am on a Saturday morning may have something to do with it!!

The food is regular, pretty much like any other south indian udipi like place.

But the filter coffee - it is to die for!!!!!!!

As soon as I walked in, I saw this waiter carry a big glass (not the small steel ones).. filled with dark brown coffee...  It smelled glorious (the first test of a good coffee!). He would then proceed to first mix the sugar before giving you the coffee. And I followed him around with my eyes everytime he brought out coffee. I just couldn't wait to get mine!!

And finally one of the guys got our coffee - he didn't mix in the sugar :(  .... I thought it was a tradition .. like Indian coffee homes.. but anyway we did it ourselves..

And it tasted divine. And for the second time (first being Chikmagalur), I finished my whole glass of coffee. A was flabbergasted ...  usually I am just able to finish half - especially true at all CCDs, Baristas of the world..

All coffee lovers should just head there.

Airlines hotel is small unpretentious place like Koshys and apparently has been in existence for age immemorial!! The banyan tree soothes your frayed nerves.. you can hear the occasional honk of the car from a far far away place. pssstttt.. it is right on the main road. It is a feel good place. If you want fast service (as advised by our waiter, please to sit inside). If you want wallow away to glory, then outside is the right place. Perfect place to head to during summers, early in the morning.

Now if only, it were a non smoking area!!


Scarlett said...

We had awesome filter coffee in Ooty :)

Madras Cafe used to make really good filter coffee. And there was a small stall near the cafe - under a tree - and you'd get the most heady smell of filter coffee everytime you'd pass by that stall. Remember?

moonstruckmoony said...

have you tried Kalmane coffee..(Kaapi cino is my fav) thats good too.. there are a few darshini's which provide fantastic filter coffee as well.

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett Its really difficult to find a GOOD filter coffee. Madras Cafe was decent. Its the smell that does me in everytime. This ome tasted fantastic also!!

@moony No I havent tried kalamane coffee. There is a darshini right below our office which does a god filter coffee.. next time I will post a pic :)

mêlée said...

which part of Bangalore is this place? I want to go!!
The coffee we get in mess is something one should try only to appreciate how worse coffee can be :D

Moonshine said...

@melee Airlines hotel is near UB city .. near lavelle road.. Go on a weekend :)

the-mommie said...

ooh! now I have to go get myself a cup of coffee too! :D

I wrote a lot more here, n then converted it to a post on my blog! Thank you for inspiring a post out of me when I wasn't planning one. :D

Moonshine said...

@Mommie anytime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

sushantap said...

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