Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A special month

March is a special month - 3 very very very ultra special people I know were born this month! And the world is already a happier place!! :))

Mommie , Scarlett and of course ME!! Women's day was also this month - is it a surprise really!! :)

Its funny really when you think of it. The 3 of us are completely different in how we are or how we are leading our lives,even the stage of life and sometimes even our outlook!!! I met Mommie 15 yrs ago and Scarlett 5 yrs back!!! Even after moving cities, going through various ups and downs in life, we still remain so close.

It makes me feel very happy. You two make me feel happy!!!

And if all of us were born this month, then March really must be special!!

A toast to all of us. Happy birthday guys!!


Scarlett said...

Hey Moonshine! Thanks for making me feel so special!!!

You know I'm having a terribly rough month (so much for it being birthday month n all) but it feels good to know some people do appreciate you for what you are and value you.

It really is surprising how the two of us became close even though we're radically different from each other. Just goes to prove you can be compatible even if you're different. You make my life special too, and you're definitely one of the very very few women in my life who I count as truly my girl friends :)

Happy Birthday to you, Mommie & me!!

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett I know it is a mutual admiration society but I cannot help it :) .. You know Scarlett, some things happen for the good!! And there are many many many people who appreciate and value your friendship. Believe me. Its not worth spoiling your month, week or day!!

Having said that, we are different - but we have many common interests - HP, reality shows .. :))

What will I do in a few months I wonder :(

mêlée said...

dear Moonshine, many many happy returns of the day!!!! Have a truly special year ahead :)
And Scarlett, happy birthday to you!!

Moonshine said...

@melee I should have said 4 women!!! Your birthday was this month too right? Wish you the same.. hope you have a great year ahead and plenty more blog posts to come!!

the-mommie said...

Aww too cute! Thx moonshine! Happy to u! :D

Btw! 15 yrs! WTF! Seriously? I never realized! Way too cool! So many memories, so many idiotic stories! But we were still very good girls weren't we? ;)

You know, the Romanian word for friend is 'prieten'. But coz of the Indian connection for the word (a loved one), I've generally had trbl associating it with 'friend'. But you my dear, are absolutely my prieten - in every language! Muah!

Scarlett! A very very Happy Birthday to you too! Hope all the trbls fade in the blaze of the spectacular big 3-o! :)

Moonshine said...

@Mommie Yeah, its been a long time!!!!!!!!!!!!! We used to be so young .... once!!!!!!!!!! We were very very very good girls!! Lol. A big Muaahhhhhh to both of you :)

moony said...

oh.. belated birthday wishes! March is my month too! :)

Moonshine said...

@Moony Oh wow!!! Imagine!!! There are 5 of us.. kind of connected on this blog.. and all our bdays this month!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!

Hope you had a great Bday!! :)