Saturday, April 17, 2010

The changing colours of my wardrobe

This entire week I have been in Pink - White kurta with some pink print, pink shirts.... pink kurtas... white tee with a splash of pink!!! I think only one day in the last week, i did not wear pink.

The amount of pink in my wardrobe startled me ... something i realised only on Thursday after wearing pink almost everyday continuously for more than a week!!!! If you open my cupboard... you will find pinks ranging from pale pinks to fuschia pink.. kurtas, tops, tees, shorts.. everything!!!

I have no idea when this transition to pink happened. Earlier .. not very far ago.. about a year back, I still remember someone told me that I had a lot of greens.. and now I find a huge amount of pink in my cupboard. And I have never ever intentionally bought pink. It just happened to me.. in fact if anyone ever asked me sometime back, my opinion about the colour pink.. I would probably have said, smirked rather.. hah!!! pink!!!.. I stay away from that colour.. pink conjures up the image of a pink caked face of actresses!!!!

So now I seem to be partial to pink... not at all intentional!!! Is it age? The age where pink plays a calming effect on my soul maybe!!! Lol

Much before this, browns dominated (in college/post grad).. then blues.. greens and now it is pink... wonder what is next!!!


The knife said...

hmmm the garden city at work

Just emptied tons of clothes this evening from my cupboard. Kilos more left

Scarlett said...

Next is yellow!!

There were 2 colors I hated - pink & yellow. Then I went into this massive pink phase...and right now, I'm in love with yellow :)

Moonshine said...

@Knife colour scheme deciding on the emptying of clothes?? Garden city perhaps.. but now when i think bout it.. these phases have been there even earlier just that i did not know bout it.

@Scarlett I love yellow. Its so sunny and bright. Uplifts mood immediately.