Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eagerly waiting for... Raavan

Its been quite some time since i watched a movie .. in the theatre i.e. I think last one was Percy Jackson. And I am a big movie buff.. you would know by now!!!

Yesterday i saw the first look of Raavan and was blown away...Too awesome.. what would you anyway expect when there's Mani Ratnam, AR Rahman, Gulzar...

Heres the link... check it out!!!!


Beat99 said...

true..cant wait!! Mani + ARR = Magic

Oh btw, the link you'v posted has two http's, and it wont work..

Moonshine said...

It is magic really!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Check this or just google raavan trailer and open the youtube one.

mêlée said...

me too!! when i saw the trailer for a second I thought its some tamil channel i am watching? and then relaized there is something very artistic in it that demands attentions...that was Raavan :)
btw, I am also waiting for rajneeti!

Moonshine said...

@melee The music is extremely catchy.. and the bit when aishwarya rai seems to be shouting/shrieking.. but gels very well with the song!!!! I am so waiting to watch it!!! Raavan does have a tamil version too.. though i dont know if the cast is the same.

Rajneeti too.. i think it should be good.. though waiting more for Raavan than rajneeti.

Scarlett said...

The Tamil version has Aishwarya Rai too & Surya plays AB Jr's role in it.

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett I think its going to be a super duper movie!!! :)