Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things with an M.. tagged by Melee

So I have been tagged.. A set of questions to which i need to reply using the first letter of my name!!!!! Melee has made it easy for me!!!!! Both our names are with M.. hahahaha.. to make it interesting though, i have tried to not use the same terms ... And you will notice 2nd statements starting with N (my real name) but after the first 2-3, i could not think up of other n words!!!!! So i gave up!

So here goes..

1. What is your name : Moonshine viz N (my real name!)

2. A four letter word : Mine / Nooo (Thats 4 letters isnt it.. though usually my no is more elongated.. its like nooooooooooooooooooo)

3 A boy's name : Me not knoweth any boys anymore!!! Not at my age!!!

4 A girl's name : Me knoweth many girls names.. so what if they are all in and around 30's.. still girls for all practical purposes!!!! N loves all.

5 An occuption : Mine not, for sure!!!! Napper (paid to take naps).. is there such an occupation.. there must be mattress testers or something?

6 A colour : Mauve (apparently its not Maeve..i always thought it was maeve... i think thats a character's name from a cartoon strip.. lol)

7 Something you wear : Medium sized tees :( (XS no longer)

8. A food : Me can eat 8 Momos in one go...(no wonder i have graduated to medium sized tees) and Maggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 Something found in the bathroom : Mere bathroom main to nahi (shudder shudder)!!

10 A place : My new house / My bookshelf corner

11. A reason for being late : Me getting up late (almost an everyday affair)

12 Something you shout : Mereko bhi chahiye... materialistic that i am

13 A movie title : Manichitrathazhu (had to google the spellings)

14 Something you drink : Milk , a definite nooooo.. Mojito for me.

15 A musical group : M not present in ABBA .. what to do.

16 An animal : main, tum, hum sab

17 A street name : Morose road (thats where i have taken up residence these days .. i mean figuratively in case you didnt get it)

18 A type of car : My old zen.. bought by me ...on my own money.. my first big possession.... my poor car.. wondering who is driving it these days.. sob sob sob

19. Something scary: M not present in cockroach either.. i hate them.. the flying variety specially.. i cant sleep if i know a cockroach exists in some part of the house.. i dont rest easy till i kill it!!!

20 Ice Cream Flavour : (M) Chocolate... no M there either.. but i love it!!!!

And I tag Melee, Scarlett, Knife, BeSunni and Mommie :)


mêlée said...

lolz that was lot of innovation and fun throughout :)

Moonshine said...

@melee Thanks!!! I try :)