Thursday, June 14, 2012

These are a few of my favourite things

Hello Hello!!

Time is flying past .. N turned 4 months yesterday. And I am about to finish my 6 month extended maternity leave. I can hear you thinking - there's still 2 months to go!! But if you think of 2 months in view of 6 months leave.. there's hardly any time left!!    :((

Anyway, in these 4 short months, N loves some things more than the others.. she laughs whenever shes sees them.. whether she is playing, laughing, crying,  screaming, drinking milk.. whatever.

A bright flower with a sunflower in between.. it rotates in the wind.. though she doesnt need the rotation to smile, laugh, talk to the flower. Her absolute favourite. I got this from Sapphire, a shop here in Bangalore that specialises in children's toys.. for a mere 85Rs. I am sure this will only last a few years till she starts picking up bigger, more expensive stuff. Right now she loves everything!! :)

The singing giraffe. Now this was a gift from some of my earlier colleagues. She just needs the giraffe by her side, and she keeps making some noises at the giraffe. It really is cute.. I too like it!

Dont ask me why she likes this.

Now this I can tell you why.. its self explanatory actually. Originally bought as diwali lights to be used inside the house.. we now use this as our night light.. and she smiles at it everyday starting with early morning.. and then in the night when we switch it on.

More soon!! :D


the-mommie said...

lol! too cute! does she have any sort of fascination for rotating fans? V used to watch it spin for hours. One way i used to squeeze in a quick shower in the day while he was awake! ;o)

The diwali lights look fun! neat idea for night lights!

you should put in updates more often!

Moonshine said...

She used to love watching the fan getting switched on.. these days not much entranced by it.. maybe it will come back.

I will update more often!!!!!!! For sure :))

Scarlett said...

Wait till she starts asking for an iPhone and iPad :)

PS: I love your Diwali lights as well!

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett Tell me about it!! My niece is 6 and she can use the ipad better than any one of us.She is in fact teaching my dad how to use it!!!!!

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett I love them too.. I like the house to have some lights on irrespective of our sleep time!