Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Woo hooo..

Isnt that how an owl hoots?

The other day, an owl got stuck in our staircase. The terrace door from which it entered got shut and it could not find a way out.

Beautiful is not the word to describe it.. I dont know what word would do it justice.

It was magnificient.. a huge white /silver'ish' owl. It would sit on the window sill for a long time and fly up the minute we would open the door.

Finally someone opened the terrace door and the poor owl flew away but not before we had taken pictures. Unfortunately, its on A's camera - will post it soon.


besunni said...

I thought the sitting-up-late-at-night phase made you hoot like one ;)

mêlée said...

woo hoo you are making a come back here :)
I am waiting to see the pics.

Moonshine said...

@besunni you got me there!! :)))

@melee this time I am back... I have done nothing for the last 4 months!!!!!!!!!!! So I hope you see more of me now :D

Bluestocking said...

You got a beautiful creature at least...i have had two encounters with bat inside closed places - one why i was kid and then once in office. the second one was hilarious with people running around, enjoying their own panic :-)

Scarlett said...

Hedwig :)

Moonshine said...

@Bluestocking I am frightened of bats.. Not because they are eerie looking ... I always feel they will get stuck in someone's hair!!!!! Weird I know.. And I fear cockroaches... A) they are vile looking and b) I fear they will go inside the ear.. ESP the flying kinds!!!!

@Scarlett looked like hedwig only :))

Bluestocking said...

am with you on cockroaches.....hate them, fear them.

Gobri said...

What fun. Not for the owl though. They are such majestic creatures.
And I think it is too hoo. Woo hoo is what you must have said upon seeing it :)

Moonshine said...

@Bluestocking A recent report suggests that cockroaches need to exist for planet earth to survive. I tell you!!!!!!!

@Gobri Too hoo? Woot hoo?? I am confused!! :)