Thursday, June 21, 2012


How can one have a film named Bumboo!!!!

Crass name.... crass comedy too am sure..

Who would go and watch this movie? Possibly teenagers who are newly acquainted with these terms and tend to laugh loudly in theatres every time the F word and or some other such trash is repeated.


I sit and watch a few serials with my mom. A says I am becoming a stereotypical nagging serial watching "grihani". Why is serial watching associated with grihanis? These serials.. some of them.. are nice enough... And as I tell A, is it so different from watching Predator 2 or Godzilla umpteen times???

In my defence, the serial that I watch is not regressive. Called Saas bina sasural, it focues on typical family issues like if a family member wins a crore, what is the kind of impact on everyone. Another topic was that of working women.. how initially family members oppose it.. the key reason being getting a maid in the house. I think that was quite relevant to today's world. I know of many families who do not allow a maid to enter the house.

The other one I watch is called Parvarish which is also nice.. it focuses on parenting. I know I know.. I am a parent myself.. so hard to believe that still!

And then its MC time.. another one on TLC , Plain Jane.. I love watching transformation, make over kind of reality shows. It is quite fun to watch. And Indian Idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Which brings me to regressive shows. I do not understand why.. whenever they show a married guy having an affair.. the entire focus is on taking revenge from the "other woman"!  In fact in one of the serials, they show that the wronged wife gets the face of the "other woman" blackened. Why not the guy I ask!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did the guy not know he is married!!!! But it is always the case of "bechara so and so.. usne apne jaal main phaas diya" and this about mature men with kids!!!!!

Take the case of SRK and PC.. apparently, as newspapers reported, they have/ had an affair.. and the newspapers were full of PC being ostracised by people in the film industry! Why not SRK I ask.. He is 40+.. did he not know that he is married!! I find these kind of things so irritating. Talk about regressive!!

Men really have it easy, dont they.


 MC aus has started .. yahoooooo.. no favourites so far.

Indian Idol has also started.. Next is KBC... A good season to sit back and watch all these reality shows!!

Time for MC repeat and giving N a quick bath! Gotta go.  :)


Bluestocking said...

Did you watch Jr. MC. Those kids could cook. Seriously gave me an inferiority complex :-O

Moonshine said...

@Bluestocking Yeah yeah i did!! Marvellous wasnt it.. such young ones.. 8 yr olds who made complicated stuff.. I wonder what I was doing when I was 8.. crying about school and playing stapu is probably what i did. :)

Scarlett said...

Mail me the timings for the trashy reality shows we watch together :p

Gobri said...

I too watch all the serials with my mom when I go back home. It is a lot of fun.

Glad to see you are writing again :)

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett You bet :)

@ Gobri There's nothing more fun.. isnt it.. watching all this with moms!! I love it too :)