Saturday, July 7, 2012

MC Australia Favourites

Already!!! Well, it is a work in progress list. I am sure as the series progresses, I will weed out more names, add some, rethink on others. But in the meanwhile, this is my first list.

I like : Andy, Ben, Kylie and Tregan and now, the quietly confident Mindy.

I definitely do not like : Kevin -Thank god he is out!! Could not stand his over exhuberant personality!! What an ass - entire credit to himself for getting kicked out of the competition.

Alice - Over confidence will fail her for sure!!!! At least I hope it does. With her giant specs, the over confident fashionista.

Mario - He just talks too much.

Who are your favourites?


Scarlett said...

I like: Mindy, Audra, Emma, Ben, Kylie, Julia, Andy, Tregan, Sam & Amina. Favourite would have to be Mindy or Audra.

Can't stand: Filipo, Alice, Debra & Andrew

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett I like Audra too.. The chocolate cake with raspberries she had made looked mouth watering!!! Even now, when I think about it!! Emma is ok.. Keeps crying!! Others, I don't have an opinion yet..

Bluestocking said...

My fears are same regarding Emma, though Scarlett assures me that she won't turn into another Dani! I like Mindy too. Haven't seen too much of Dalvinder but I hope that she turns out ti be good. I thought Debra was okay until the yum cha challenge this week - totally crappy leader and then cribbed about Mindy who helped her out!

Scarlett said...

Dalvinder is crap. Emma is a cry baby but she isn't another Dani...Alice is the Dani of this season!

Debra's attitude in the yum cha challenge turned me off her completely even though her food looks good!

Moonshine said...

@Bluestocking Emma doesnt seem to be Dani'ish to me.. not yet at least. But alice seems totally like her. I already cannot stand her. Dalvinder is very low profile though the ads keep focussing on her to increase the viewership!!

Moonshine said...

Add Debra to the "not like" list!!! What a whiner (if there is a word like that)!

Meenakshy said...

I like the boys this time.Ben is sweet and Andy is hot!Of the ladies,Alice is weird with her antics and giant specs.I too liked Debra till she became the captain-totally insecure & impatient as a leader.She works well alone.Thats where Mindy scores.She is good as an individual cook and as part of a team.The rest are kinda vague.Still to decide about Audra.

Moonshine said...

@Meenakshi Agree totally!!!!! But I do like Audra.

Gobri said...

I began watching it now. Till I read your post I did not even know that MC AUs 4 was out.

I have just reached the top 24. My favourites are Andy, Audra, Tregan. I hate Kevin (I am glad you say he is gone).

This is only the initial list. With more episodes I am sure it will change.