Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rajesh Khanna

I cannot claim to have watched his movies. I used to constantly question my mom and my grandma.. why did you watch his movies. I don't think I ever got an answer except well he was Rajesh Khanna.

Yesterday grandma and mom were recalling the yesteryears - grandma remembered that they always used to run to the theatre to watch all his movies. She remembers going to watch Aradhana particularly. The crowd, the frenzy. They were trying to describe to me the craze around Rajesh Khanna. Many girls apparently tried to commit suicide when he got married. In my mom's school, girls would keep his picture below their pillow when they would go to sleep. They would cold compress his brow (in the picture) if he had fever in real.. and such!!!

A superstar my grandma says. She cannot describe why. Some people are just that.

A sad day yesterday.

Update : I have 351 friends on FB of which about 30% are very active. People write about everyone and everything!!! But there are only 3 updates on Rajesh Khanna. Its weird.


Scarlett said...

Girls apparently used to send him letters written in blood!

Moonshine said...


mêlée said...

and for me, my fb wall was FULL of RIP Rajesh Khanna and snatches of his dialogies and me a bit irritated too. But then I watched Anand and was happy happy again.

Moonshine said...

@melee Yeah?? I was very surprised to see only 3 posts on Rajesh Khanna. Maybe I just glanced through it and missed some!! Been a long time since I watched Anand!! What a wonderful movie.