Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shifting loyalties

I must say this one thing about myself, I am one of the most loyal persons you could meet on this planet. Loyal to what I like.. no matter how much they deteriorate.. old fading celebrities, over crowded cities..

And it pains me immensely to acknowledge the fact that I am "over" something I have liked for ages OR more likely associated with something wonderful over the years.

As you can guess, one such thing has just made its way to my mind yesterday. I had put a post on this too! :((

I am talking about Outlook Traveler, the magazine. I started subscribing to it in 2006, immediately after I got know, the freedom that comes with marriage got me to subscribe to it. I don't mean to say I was confined when I was staying with my parents - but you know you are answerable for whatever you do in terms of spending money.

And So, I fell in love with my new found freedom aka outlook traveler. It also I guess denoted to me the freedom to plan a trip to some far out place without having to take any permission :) .. of course taking permission from my parents was the easiest thing.. I traveled to Malaysia on my own, Shimla, Nainital, Goa with friends..of course I took all the liberties possible "under their guardianship".. lol. But I digress.

Am sure even though am sounding unintelligible, some of you understand what I am saying!

Its been 6 years since I have been reading Outlook Traveler. I used to absolutely love its editor, Kai Friese. Earlier, he would not ever appear in the magazine. And then one fine day, they published his silhouette and then his face. Damn cute the guy was!! The blow came when he left the magazine. The zing was missing. And then Lonely Planet launched its magazine edition in India.

Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhh. It was NICE.

It became much easier and nicer and friendlier to read. It has nice sections - pictures by readers, 5 easy trips, some main theme, 10 things to do in a new city... I just found it more engaging!!

But I cannot be disloyal to my magazine. So now I order both. Of course, the top lists theme I find to be much better in OT. Even the "ask marco polo" is a better section.

But still I am sad (even though am ordering both). I must not let go of old loyals, favourites.

I think somewhere I have forgotten the entire point of this post . Never mind!!!


I feel like taking off on a trip. Someone went to Alaska and has posted pictures on FB. Hrrrmmmphhhh.

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