Thursday, November 10, 2011

A million ad breaks

Now I know why there are ad breaks during any show. A combination of MC Aus and HD made me realise why there are these 5 min breaks between the show and why it is a heaven sent.. for people like me!!!!

I have HD on my Tata Sky. And watching anything without a break is quite a treat really. It attracts you like never before. You don't need to channel surf, you can just watch a programme in its entirety together!! No cuts in between.

Come MC Australia, I have changed my mind. While I would love to watch the show without any break, the problem is the timing. It is on air between 9 and 10pm and that's the time I have my dinner.

So many a days, while watching MC on HD, I would sit with a plate in my hand.. loath to get up for a second helping.. even worse, sit with a plate that goes totally dry waiting for the show to end. I didn't want to miss a minute you see. And one thing I hate, is a drying plate, a drying hand. The minute I finish eating, I get up to wash my hand.s I really hate sitting around. Even during breakfast, if I finish eating but am still having my tea, I first go and wash my hands and then have tea. You get the drift, am sure.

And now am back to watching MC on regular TV. I need the breaks. The first break to heat my food, another one for second helping, a 3rd one to wash up and a 4th one to clean up.

Never thought would say this - cheers to the million ad breaks!! :))


Scarlett said...

You have lost it completely. Blame it on the hormones :)

Isn't there a pause feature on HD?

Gobri said...

I used to channel surf during ads and end up missing bits of the show I was watching by the time I would come back to it. I watched the entire MC Aus 3 online and it was such a relief.
I agree with Scarlett, you have lost it completely.

Moonshine said...

Both you girls, try watching your favourite show in between tasks and you will know what am talking bout!! Downloading and watching it on Internet without any breaks is cool as you can watch it anytime. If the show were 8-9 or something, I would have wanted to watch it in one go!! It's the timing that matters :))

Bluestocking said...

Totally unrelated but how irritating is it that whiny Dani made it to the Finals and on the strength of her Immunity pin. And Hayden and Ellie had to leave :-(