Monday, March 18, 2013

A Song of Ice and Fire

I finished the 5 books finally! A book a month. I tried to read it as slow as possible. Reaaaaaaaaaaaally Really slow. But no matter what pace I read it at, I still cannot match finishing it by 2015!! Thats when the next book releases. :(  And then the last in 2020. I cannot bear it!! I would have forgotten all characters by then. And I don't think I can go through the series again. Even though I loved it. Hrrrrmmmmphhh.

I recommend this series to whosoever I meet. Actually I would like to amend that, not whosoever I meet but people who I feel should read this book and would do justice by enjoying it. I do not recommend it to everyone - there's no point really.

I don't think I can actually do a review or anything like it till I know all of you have read the book. Then we can talk.

Mommie had recommended this series fervently. And I picked up the first two books. It had been lying with me for a month or two before I started reading. I was just feeling very lethargic about starting a series and it looked a very heavy read to me.

But once I started I could not put it down. The minute I finished the first book, the first thing I did was call up Mommie to discuss it. Throughout the conversation, Mommie was like errr, ummm, ahh... I cannot really talk about this... you read the second book and call me!!

I read 2nd.. 3rd.. 4th.. 5th.. and now I find I can talk freely to discuss each of these mammoth books and the 1000 characters!! I am not kidding.

So now you know, I cannot really discuss the books here else it will be full of spoilers. I can say this much.. the story starts and is going on at a pace .. when you think "I know where this is heading"..Let me tell you, REALLY NOT!! And that does not change through the 5 books. At every point in time, you may think, ah now this will happen. And it doesn't!! At times it gets irksome. But it keeps you second guessing every strategy, every move. Interesting, intriguing are too mild a term to define it. It is full of cunning, strategising and what not.

So if you have read it, which one is your favourite character?

Mine has to be Tyrion. I loved the character of Cersei... and yeah, ok, Jamie as well. They make the story awesome. They have character. Without cunning and mischief and intelligence and evil, this would be downright boring.

I wish they show the series again on HBO. This time I will watch it!!!


Scarlett said...

I have been trying to read the first book since three months and I haven't even reached the 300-page mark yet. There are so many characters that for the first 150 pages or so I just did not know what was going on!

It's better now but I still have no clue where the story is going! I considered starting over but it's too painful. So I'm just chalking it up to the fact that I'm not a fantasy person after all :(

Reading 'Oath of the Vayuputras' now but will go back to 'Game of Thrones' at some point I guess.

Moonshine said...


I am telling you, you will like it! Stick with it.

Oath one will get over soon I guess. Am too reading the same!! :)

Scarlett said...

I guess I could...persist with it, I mean. It's not like I need to finish reading the five books in a hurry :P

Moonshine said...

Persist persist... and you will be rewarded!!! :))

the-mommie said...

You read them all!!! YAY! Now I seriously CAN talk to you about them!!

Ok, I will go read your whole post now and come back! :)

the-mommie said...

Oh Baby! I friggin' LOVE the Lannisters!! Except maybe Joffrey! He's such a psycho!

Scarlett: Seriously, just stay with it for a while longer. The pay-offs are really awesome. And think of it as a medieval story (if that helps) rather than a fantasy. A medieval story.... that has erm..... the possibility of fantastical creatures maybe? :D

Bluestocking said...

Oh, I am so glad you've read it. Now there is someone else who will understand the frustration of waiting till 2015 for the next book. And there are at least two others! I enjoyed Tyrion's character but Cersei I can't stand. Even Jaime acquires a certain humanity after a time. BTE, what do you feel about Daenyrys? She is a bit too Mary Sue like for my taste. Too perfect :-O Oh and don't you hate GRRM for not giving some pay-off for being good somewhere. Aargh. I think I did a post about him and that was my principal grouch.

Moonshine said...

@Mommie :)

@Bluestocking I found Dany very irritating, cloying etc etc. GRMM?