Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Its MC America now!

Writer's block!!!!!!!!

Did I say writer??? Oh, I mean blogger of course!!! Slip of tongue.. pen.. thought.. whatever!!

It happens when the blogger community (the ones you follow... blogger also to blame here, half the times it does not show the updates!!) are also being lazy. Today I saw 2 new updated posts.. and here I go again.


MC America is starting on Monday!! Yipee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only problem is,  it is MC America!!!! So it is going to be over the top .. for sure. It also has Gordon Ramsay in it as a judge.. so obviously he is going to be throwing plates here and there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very very very unlike the nice judges on MC Australia - by nice, I do not mean spineless.. they would tell a person how they fell short of expectations without much drama and you could feel the pain your favourite contestant was going through!!!

But anyway.. I am happy we are done with Bachelor / Bachelorette episodes - men/women sleeping with all contestants and then saying no. But then the girls/guys too signed up for it. Why do they do this. It is so very strange.


And another deep thoughtful question I have - why do random people at work want to be friends with you on Facebook?

a) One fine day you have a call (work related call) with someone sitting in some other location  - and in the evening you find you have a request waiting for you!!! 


b) hey, I would like to introduce you to XYZ .. is working with so and so.. in such and such location..


c) you may just be sitting next to a person in some random session..and the next time you login, you know what you will find!!

But let me tell you.... I am hard as nails (snicker snicker) ... I am refusing ALL these requests. Ok, so I haven't strictly refused them (what if they come to know) ... but I have some 10-20 requests on the "to add list". And they can stay there on the list. What is it that prompts people to send send requests to 20,000 people!!!! Maybe they are new to FB?

hmmm.. I absolutely cringe to think of the FB invites I sent out to people when I was new.. did I sit on anyone's list like this.. benched? "Shudder, Shudder"


Last week sent a mail to husband's super boss by mistake!!!! You see.. this is what happened. I was on a call and I got a forward from A stating lunch at so and so's place. Now what he had sent was a calender invite. And since I was in a call, I didnt pay attention and wrote to the big boss... saying why aren't you going!! you must go. Thankfully thats all I wrote.. usually I would have also written - you have destroyed my Saturday, you please go alone, I do not want to socialise on a Saturday. But since I was tied up, this was all I wrote!!! Thank god for small mercies.

In any case, I didn't realise the blunder I had committed till I got a reply from the big B! lol. And then I sent a face saving mail :)

But MY MAIL WAS BETTER.. infinitely better than B's mail. So I told A as much.. and he says maybe people in my organisation don't write good mails. But at least they write to the right people. Oh well!!! Some people !!! Hahaha.


Today I did not work. Powerpoint stopped functioning (and in my organisation thats the bane of our existence... what will we do without powerpoint!!!!!!!!!!!). And then by noon it got corrected.. but then mails stopped functioning. So I trooped back home early(ier than usual I should say) and have been vegetating in front of the TV!

All days like this.. etc etc etc :)


The knife said...

I am quite particular about FB and don't accpet people whom I work with but might not be friends with... did you thank your IT guy for the chhutti?

Gobri said...

I normally add them so that they receive a 'accepted' message. Later I delete them. They do not receive a message for that.
I have done that only a total of one time :)

mêlée said...

the email story is very amusing :D especially when I have been repeating similar mistakes without ever learning!

Moonshine said...

@Knife I feel guilty / bad about not accepting!! FB for me started out as a way of being in touch with SOME people.. now I have 211 friends on FB!!!!!!!!!!!! On the IT guy bit - I was more frustrated than anything else - at being made to hang around in office than going back home!!

@Gobri ARE YOU SURE? I will try it out with someone maybe!!! HOw many people did you take off in that one time???? lol

@melee I am a fountain of such embarassing stories!!!! :))

Scarlett said...

Hey hey hey! I'm back :D

So, at least we're getting to see another Masterchef! I was so fed up of the Bachelor/Bachelorette series. I don't like Gordon Ramsay's tactics, but MC isn't 'Hell's Kitchen' so maybe he'll be better behaved here? Let's hope so! Yay...MC is back!!!!!

the-mommie said...

i've been wondering about the recent lack of posts too! but then i've been sitting on one of my new posts for atleast 3 weeks now - its been WIP forever now!

The FB situation has really gotten out of hand for me as well. i'm hardly accepting any new requests anymore. letting them sit on the waiting list or rejected list doesn't bother me at all now. I just don't know you well enough to let you share my life on FB! Random ppl from school who i never said anything beyond a hello to, vague ex-colleagues from 4 yrs back who suddenly saw my name as a mutual friend on their list..... really we have nothing more in common! my friend's friend need not necessarily be "my friend" - not a concept people understand apparently.

talking about mail faux-pas - i almost sent a VERY personal email to my f-i-l instead of the husband a little while back!! this was when we were still sending little notes to each other. they're both PC and their emails are identical except for their mail domains! THANKFULLY noticed my mistake just when I was hitting the send button!!! now THAT would have been a terrifyingly embarassing episode!

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett Am so glad you are back!!!!! Back to posting I hope!! :)) I doubt if he is well behaved here .. the promos show him spitting out food made by contestants!!! But still its MC!!!!! Yay!!!!!!

@mommie Where is your post? Did you complete it finally? :) The latest friend request I have is from some person who I used to work with - very senior!!!!! God!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously.. when will people stop.

That would have been a serious embarrassingly traumatic faux pas!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Hello how are you doing? I am glad that the MC US went to Whitney! but i should say Gordon was pretty well behaved.

as for office friend requests? I just put them on limited profile

Moonshine said...

@moony hey!! hows you been. Long time no see. I missed the finals yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!