Monday, January 31, 2011

A blissfull saturday

We were to avail of the free weekend offer this last weekend!!! And boy was it fun.

I was extremely extremely excited on Friday.. we were to check in on Friday night. A turned up late and we checked in at 1am. A bit of waiting outside the hotel gates.. they refused to let us go in - they were zapped with the 1am check in and us driving into the hotel!! And in my mind I was thinking ' god, this is off to a bad start'! Calmed A down and finally we were welcomed into the hotel.

We slept till 11am on Saturday morning and turned up at the hotel for brunch. The walk upto the main building is a beautiful walk. Westend is a beautiful property.

It is green and it just makes you feel happy not to mention fresh. So there are cottages away from the main building.. about 2 mins from the main unit and you feel you are out of Bangalore. The traffic sounds are totally muted. It is so peaceful and serene.

A view of the property interiors!!

After a nice leisurely lunch and short nap, I got a massage done. WOW!!!! I totally gave up to the ministrations of the masseuse.. she was GOOD!!! mmmmmmmmm... And we figured out later that the vouchers we had for the spa wouldnt work!!!! But no matter.. It was BLISS!!!

Post massage, we limbered on to Blue Ginger, their Vietnamese restaurant. Now, the restaurant is expensive!!! Very expensive!!! But we were feeling good.. relaxed after the massage.. wanting to spend.. it is a good strategy on the part of the hotel... threw caution into the wind.. and spend we did.

I loved the meal and the company!! :)

We ordered some beef.. it was mouth watering. Sunil, who was helping us out, recommended prawns in tamarind sauce and new zealand lamb rack.. both were good but sweet. Now I dont usually like too much sweet and I was saying so to A when the chef descended on to our table (A maintains it was because of faces I was making that he came).. I just couldnt bring myself to say that the food was too sweet. A jumped right in and told the chef. The chef then made some prawns in satay sauce just for me....... on the house........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sooooooooo embarrassed!!!!!!

We refused dessert but our guy refused to let us go and served some home made rose icecream (it had rose petals in it).. again on the house!!!!!!!!!!

And finally we asked for a filter coffee.. now Blue Ginger does not serve filter coffee but the guy got it for us from elsewhere.

We were pampered silly by them!!!! And yes we paid a lot.. but really.. how joyfull it was .. to be spoilt like that.. i just cannot explain!!! I totally loved it. And as A says.. better to have moments like these than have lots of money and think about the fun we could have had!!! Its ok.. I will regret it later.. right now I am too busy feeling happy :)

And then picked the DVD of Iron Man 2 to end the day and watched it in the room. Bad movie.. but how can Robert Downey Jr be bad!!!! He was just awesome.. so handsome.

A perfect end to a perfect day. Why cant all days be like this!!!!


Shruti said...

That sounds really nice, Moonshine.. Glad you had fun! :) It sounds so tempting, I am inspired to follow in your footseps! :))

Scarlett said...

How romantic! Sigh!!!

I like your new template :)

Moonshine said...

@Shruti Please follow my footsteps to achieve bliss, marital or otherwise!!! :)

@Scarlett Yes it was. Romantic + LOADS OF FUN... I was so relaxed all the time I cant tell you. Had a permanent smile on my face..

And it is a pic of flowers I ahve put up. The template I changed a few weeks back :)

Moonshine said...

I mean a pic I took on my phone.. there is a lamppost in between the greenery as you can see :))

the-mommie said...

sounds divine! gosh i'm so looking fwd to ur trip here! finalise ur plans quickly!

Moonshine said...

@mommie Its been a looooooooonnnng time hasnt it!!!!!!

the-mommie said...

tell me about it! March 2009 wasn't it?

mêlée said...

may you always be busy feeling happy :)

Moonshine said...

@mommie yeah march 2009!!! How much we ate and drank and did tp!! Everyday a new place :)) Definitely needs a repeat now!!!

@melee Thanks!!! :) I hope you do too!!