Saturday, January 1, 2011

A post for the new year

Happy new year all of you!!

You do know what they say - Whatever you do on the 1st of the year.. thats what you end up doing most of the year!!  I try to do nice things on 1st Jan every year.. even though the year(s) never turn out to be as fun!

If I think of the year gone past - while we had a barbeque party on 31st night going right into 1st Jan, I hardly partied last year.. rather I was barbequed (!!!) royally through the year.. the first 6 months the most painful!!

Even then, I would still like to believe in it.... It is a nice thing to believe in too!!! So I like cramming the day with things that I like - in the hope I spend time doing what I like through the year.

So what have I been doing or plan to do today?

a) Last night I read a book untill 12. Thats how I welcomed the year!!
b) Fell into deep sleep  waking up only at 10am!
c) Went out for a long long lunch - 2-5pm. I tried everything on the buffet.. well almost everything, I really could not bring myself to try oysters or octopus. A was game enough to try oysters and he had about 4-5 of those!! I tried all the dishes though - MC australia in the back of my mind :) Pic of remains of the dessert  below. One of things below is profiteroles (so what if I had to google the spelling) - I picked it up purely because of MC australia!!!!!

d) Wanted to catch a movie in the theatre desperately. But did not happen as some friend turned up. Damn.. Should have gone to the theatre today!!
e) Wanted to and I am putting in a post so that I post through the year!!
f) Sleep  a lot
g) Spend time with my husband
h) Speak to family on either side and close friends!!
i) Listen to good music
j) Watch nice romantic movies
k) Not work at all :p
l) Probably buy books (though right now it seems difficult to fit into the evening)

Yup, thats about it. My ultra small list :))


the-mommie said...


the-mommie said...

awesome! u've definitely made a great start to the new year! we stayed home, chilled and i cooked some simple but yummy pasta with shrimps. For a change, ved did not make a fuss about his meals and there were also no tantrums on the 1st! LOL! so a good start for our new year as well! :D

besunni said...

Excellent way to start a new year! Wishing you a very happy 2011.

Scarlett said...

Happy 2011 Moonshine! And here's to a year full of blogging :p

My mom also believes in doing things she likes on the 1st, so that she gets to do them all thru' the year. For some strange reason, she also keeps insisting that we dress up on the day!!! This year she used her new handbag on the 1st so she gets/buys new bags throughout the year! LOL

I went out for lunch w/ my family, met The Boy (and if what you're saying is true, I'll get to see him all year round...YAY!!) and generally chilled :)

mêlée said...

happy new year Moonshine! hope this year is going to be great, blogging or otherwise :)

Moonshine said...

@mommie well my evening didnt go as well as afternoon!!!!!!!! Friend came.. A went to drop friend and disappeared for a few hours!! And then I made dinner!!! V knew it was THE FIRST probably!!! :))

@besunni You already know my story!!! Happy new year to you too

@Scarlett Happy new year!! Your mom has the right idea!!! Now why didnt I think of it!!!

You will meet the BOY through the year :))... though going by my own logic.. i wll spend less time with A? Bulls**t!!

@melee Happy new year to you too fwllow blogger / bangalorite (if there exists such a word)!! Wish you exactly the same!!! :)

Gobri said...

At the risk of being politically incorrect... here goes...
If you had tried the oysters, as per your law, something else also would have happened all year round.

Moonshine said...

@Gobri What is that!! Should I even hazard a guess!! And I presume it makes a difference that I didnt have any? :)

Gobri said...

Oysters are considered to be great aphrodisiacs.

Moonshine said...

Yeah!!! Sure!!!!!!!!! I will let A know .. hahaha

Moonshine said...

@Gobri Effective only that day, is it?? ;)

Gobri said...

No, the oysters will make you do something that day which will repeat both that and eating of oysters all year round. :)

Moonshine said...

@Gobri Hahahaha!!!! Let me call you!!!