Monday, January 10, 2011

Step 2 to my resolve : a bit of selfishness :)

A quick post but couldn't help but share with you guys!!

We have some vouchers from this hotel through which we get a free weekend at their hotel(s) in the city!!!

And we are using it up... contrary to the last few times we had the opportunity to do so!!!!!!!!!!!! Weekend at a hotel... that too within city!!! Bliss :)

Please do keep it to yourself... (note to myself : this is a blog, you moron).. but in any case if you happen to see anyone I know.. DO NOT TELL!!! I AM NOT KIDDING.

Of course I am hoping that A doesn't read this.. he will kill me. Actually, I need not worry.. he really doesn't read my blog!!

And to top this.. we are planning a week long vacation in April. Rather I am supposed to plan it... to celebrate our 5th ANNIV!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMAGINE!!! 5 long years!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOSH!!!

But the thing is we don't have much money between us.. so thinking about options right now.. Andaman / Goa is what I thought?

Any suggestions you guys have?



besunni said...

Yay! Going just the right way.

Scarlett said...

Why're you so concerned about A or someone you know finding out? If you have vouchers, you've got to use them, right?

BTW, Andamans will be more expensive than a holiday in Thailand or Malaysia!! I suggest if you're thinking Andamans, do Koh Samui or Langkawi instead. Check air fares.

Moonshine said...

@besunni Arent I!!!!! I am so excited!!! I am just praying I get through tomorrow. :)

@Scarlett A hates the fact I talk about all this (not necessarily blog) but generally!! And normally these things invite too many comments.. "oh you are so hoity toity" type comments as we are staying in a hotel in the same city etc... so this piece of news I share only with friends I am comfy with.

Andamans should be off season now no??

Scarlett said...

Airfares to Andamans are generally high. Why don't you check online?

the-mommie said...


I totally recommend visiting the Andamans. Its gorgeous! try getting to some of the more out of the way islands if you can!

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett / Mommie Finally decided and booked goa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andamans now on the next set of places to visit!! Maybe next year.. summers, off season time :)

Mommie, just out of curiosity, where did you stay at Andamans?

the-mommie said...

i don't remember all teh names of the places we went to but we did go all over the place in the andamans. we started from port blair. then radhanagar beach on havelock island (beautiful but very touristy). went to a tiny island somewhere called the elephant beach where we went snorkeling. there were a couple of other tiny GORGEOUS island beaches we went to - the pics are on my fb. one was called grub island which was smthg out of the movies!

we also went into the heart of the jungle land and stayed at the govt forest guest house. saw some spectacular sunrises & sunsets over the mangrove and forest areas. also went n saw some natural cave formations (with stalactites-stalagmites) - considered the best in the world for exploration or smthg...

it was a LOT of stuff we did in one week or smthg like that. but a great trip! :)

Moonshine said...

@Mommie Hugely envious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will also go to Andamans some time soon I hope :) Thats definitely on the list!!

moony said...

Have a nice vacation! :)

Moonshine said...

@moony Thats in April.. so still a long way off!!! :)