Monday, June 22, 2015

Jurassic World : not enough crunch

Spoiler alert!

Again, one of many firsts. I left the little one at home with my parents to watch this one.

Not to say I haven't left her before, but that was mostly for work rather than pure entertainment. So we bought the tickets for the late night show. And the entire day passed in excitement.

And to top it all, it was 3D. How much more exciting can it get!

I quite like the Jurassic park franchise. Till now it has delivered. Earlier it was novelty of watching dinosaurs and for the later parts, it was scare factor. The build up to this one, hence was quite high. At least in my mind.

The concept of the story was good. And it could have gone places. But unfortunately it became idiotic in the end.

This new Jurassic World, is a huge amusement park, the creation of one Mr Masrani. They create a dino with dino-non dino genes as the stellar future attraction. Only it turns out to be quite intelligent. And starts eating everything in sight. And there is mayhem everywhere. The dino looks ferocious, has vicious teeth which we keep seeing close quarters. 2 kids lost in the jungle. So far so good. After this it becomes haphazard. Dino chases after kids.. kids jump over waterfall  and escape. All the time we were thinking, will it jump too? Or maybe it will appear on the other side of the waterfall and scare the living daylights out of us. But it just calmly walks away!

And then the movie gets sadder. They get other trained dinos to capture this dino. The large dino should have been the focus of the movie. But suddenly for next 20 mins, it is nowhere to be seen.

The ending is atrocious. You will see a lot of dino fighting. And one T rex emerges as the victor  with some help from a croc like dino! All the humans are just hiding. I actually got bored.

Where is all that mist .... the scary anticipation of the jaw grinding dinosaurs.. It is sad sad sad.

For one, there is not  much 3D. And second, the plot just loses steam midway.

Oh, how I was looking forward to this one. It is one of my favourite creature franchises!!! Much better than the anacondas of the world!!

Now to wait for the next one  :(



Scarlett said...

Congratulations...what's next? Bajrangi Bhaijaan?

I was never a fan of the Jurassic Park series so this one couldn't excite me. I haven't watched a good English movie in a while actually. I watched 'Argo' and 'Gone Girl' sometime back. Really liked 'Argo' should watch it if you can get hold of it.

Moonshine said...

Nah! I don't think I can watch bajrangi bhaijaan. Movie mania has not spread that far :)

I caught half of Argo on TV. Have read gone girl. Totally psycho!!

What new movies are there??

mêlée said...

looks like your movie drought has truly ended :D

Moonshine said...

@melee I hope so. I guess it will need to be non violent movies for a while. We saw this one as my parents were visiting. :)