Monday, June 1, 2015

Mc Australia favourites

I do not remember which season it is, but that's straying away from the point. 

I was telling Scarlett yesterday that I don't have favourites yet.. And suddenly in a day, I Do!!

I really like Billie. You know, quietly confident, does her own thing without all the brouhaha that always accompanies other contestants. I really like her. 

I know many people like Georgia! She is sweet not brash or arrogant about her skills.. . But .. There is always a but.. I am rooting for Billie. She kind of creeps up on you.. Silently working in the background.

And today I thought Jessie could be another contestant I may cheer on!! 

It is such a nice show isn't it! Everyone.. From me, my daughter who is 3, my mom in law who watches vernacular shows, husband who cannot stand most of the stuff we women watch, my mother who is hooked on to Hindi serials.. everyone watches it together at 9.. And everyone has an opinion. It is fantastic, isn't it. Who would have thought, a few years back, food would be the topic of  such an awesome show. 

And this year, they do not even have any Indians on the show... And look at us.. We are still watching!! 


Scarlett said...

I like Georgia :) She's an amazing cook but gets flustered easily, which I'm scared might be her undoing. But after the way she prepared a dish in 5 minutes in a heroic effort to save her team from elimination (sadly, it didn't work) I am definitely rooting for her. But I'll be happy if Jessica or Billie win too.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get anyone in my family hooked on to MC! They dismiss it as a cooking show and don't even want to give it a chance :( How did you manage to get your family hooked?

You know what's coming up next, right? My MC Aus post :))

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett Our TV is in the living room. And usually around 9, everyone is there. Once I started watching, husband also started. Though he is not very regular. My daughter likes the MC song but usually it is her sleep time, so she doesn't really watch. Everyone is forced to watch it because of me and now everyone kind of likes it. My mom likes seeing it just to see the ingredients even though she keeps commenting on how weird the food is!! Reality shows are fun to watch with family.

Scarlett said...

My parents don't get how I can get so consumed by a food show. And they keep asking me what I learnt to cook today! I tell them they don't teach you recipes and they are like "what kind of food show is this?" They just can't appreciate that it's a competition and people watch it for other reasons than to learn how to cook :)

Moonshine said...

lol! I thought it was gripping for a food show!!