Monday, July 13, 2015

More seriously stupid words

I have put in many posts on words that have come into everyone's vocabulary that I do not like. Not like is a very mild term.

Classic one is "My Bad".. what the heck is that! How can it be "my bad".. my bad what!!!! Even worse is "Ma bad". We are so not rappers.

There is one more word that I hear so much now. Peeps.

It sounds so stupid. Why cant we say people. Peeps is 5 letters and People is 6 letters! Come on. It sounds like poop.

The funny part is, it is not even only the young ones who do this!! Extremely Annoying.

And what is with hashtagging everything!!!

Poor Hashtag used to be used only during conference calls OR to denote a number. Now it is used for everything every single person wants to say!!!

The worst thing is I picked up a book from a library for my 3 year old. It is a series about a bear family (parents and cubs). They are shown in various scenarios - with new neighbours, going to a doc etc. Each storyhas a moral attached to it. The little one really likes it.

 I was astonished at the English used. Is there a word called Grumped, derived from grumpy??. First time I am hearing of it. I hope, all she picks up from these books are the morals and NOT the English!

The decay of English Language. Terrible times!!



Scarlett said...

I say 'my bad' too! It's an American thing...stupid Americans :)

My biggest pet peeve is 'ma' or 'mah' instead of 'my'! Ma and my are both two letter words, mah is three does using either save people time??

I kind of like 'totes' though...short for totally...sounds cute!

Moonshine said...

Totes??? I have never heard this one!!

Bluestocking said...

I have to agree on that my and mah. My biggest pet peeve too. Oh and I have heard of totes. And is it just me or does love and luv also bother anyone?

Moonshine said...

It bothers me!!!!!!!! I find it irritating when people shorten words that are already short!!!! So unnecessary.