Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pehli Baar...lalalalalaaaa

So, this song is stuck in my head.

Its from Dil Dhadakne Do. It has an awesome beat and cool lyrics. What really gets to me about it is,  how can they have the word "tabaahi " in a nice girl-guy upbeat song! . "Laga ki tumse milna tha tabaahi"..Really cool use of the word

Pehli baar tumko maine jab dekha tha
Pehli baar tumko maine jab dekha tha

Sun lo yaar ki maine kya socha tha
Laga ki tumse milna tha tabaahi
Iss dil ko hi samjhaane maine kahaa
Iss raste na jaana kabhi raahi

Yeh tere liye hai hi nahi

Dil mera, bol uthaaaaaa, hone do ab job bhi ho,

Darna kyaaaa, bhala bhuraaaaaaa.....

Such a feel good song!  The foot automatically starts tapping to this song. And neck too.

Picturised on the right people.. with total energy!

Good start to the day.

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