Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Changeling, Percy Jackson, Grown ups etc

I am racing through books and movies I have on my laptop.

For some reason, my brain has decided that I would not be able to read  or watch movies much once I start working again.

So in the last few days, I have read and bought at least 10-15 books.. the entire Percy Jackson series, White Mogul, some Vampire novel I dont remember the name of, Anthony Bourdain, some Archies etc etc etc.... I am somewhere half way right now. Am racing through the books, reading continuously. For some strange reason I want to finish reading all this by coming Monday!!!

And am watching one movie after the other. Yesterday was Changeling & Grown ups and today I started watching Mothman Prophecies.

What is it with taking a break. I have this morbid fear (totally irrational as I used to read even when working like crazy) of not having the time to do things I like. It is the taste of freedom I think!!!

I promise, NJ, you will take a break someday for at least 2 months.. and for yourself.. to read, watch movies, write and learn dancing and swimming. And on that happy thought, I will retire for the night. :))


Gobri said...

I had also recently written about a reading frenzy. It was a phase for me. It lasted for a month. I am down to a couple of books a week now.

(I had written the same comment earlier, but since S was logged on to gmail, the comment got posted from his account. Hence the deletion.)

Moonshine said...

@Gobri It really is totally mad. I am reading like this as for some reason I think I wont get much of a chance to read once I get back to work on Monday!!! Its like when can I get a chance to read in the mornings / afternoon etc...