Monday, May 2, 2011

what ho, what ho, what ho...

I am back. tralalalalalalaa.. come to think of it, how many times I have started my post with the same sentence... I am back!!!

So in any case, the thing is.. I am very happy. Very very very very very happy. Why you might ask?

I am in between jobs. Isnt it the best feeling in this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I spent the last week in GOA. The best part... the bestest part about the trip was there were no mails to check. No one called me to take my inputs on any presentation, on any crisis.. on anything. You see I had declared my last day in the company to be the day before I left for Goa.

So Goa was completely, bafflingly idle ... nothing.. NOTHING distracted me from  the pure blissful state I was in.

And for the first time in.. in about 8-9 yrs.. ever since I have had a cell phone, I discovered that I can .. REALLY CAN, live without my phone .. for at least 5 days. I was using my phone only to clock in with my parents everyday. That is IT!!! Well, mostly... a couple of messages did happen. But if you know me.. I send and receive at least 30 messages a day!!!! So you can imagine what it was like. Unadulterated fun and no phone.

This is what our typical day looked like :

a) Wake up at 9 (me, not A.. he was up at 6 am everyday)
b) Go for breakfast
c) Come back to the room, wash.. wear a sundress.
d) Sit in the sun deck chairs by the pool, in the shade..
e) Order bloody marys, jal jeera, lassi (that was A), aam panna.... and read.
f) Break for lunch.
g) Come back to the same position.. and read more.. drink more
h) Go to the beach by around 5ish
i) Stand in the water hand in hand.. just stare at the far yonder.. and ponder..will the next wave reach till our knees.. will it splash my dress
j) At 7, walk back to room.. change into swimsuit and jump into the pool. I dont know swimming... well I tried. A tried to teach me. I can just about manage to float!!!!!  Note to my self : I must try to continue with the swimming lessons
k) At 9, dress nicely.. toodle off to one the restaurants.. it used to be a tough decision : free meal vs paid meal. Not free free... we had taken an all meals inclusive offer. But the buffet gets boring after 3 meals!!!!!
l) Take a walk.. and crash

Add to these .. a spa session.. a TT match with A.. cycling..a tatoo (the washable variety.. I got a pretty butterfly done on my shoulder) Awesome. Why cant everyday be like this, I ask you!!

The hotel was Taj Exotica in the south of Goa. It was really really nice. The best part about staying in a hotel.. you dont need to clean up.. you mess up the room during the day and when you come back in the night.. the room is beautiful, sweet smelling room again!!!!

We spent a bit.. a fair bit..  but whats money in the face of a bit of peace of mind!!! Its the memories A says.. I agree.. well, I better!!!!!!!!! Thats how I console myself... turn a blind eye ..

We celebrated our 5th anniversary there!!!! Doing the same as above from points a - l. And a special dinner. What an anniv but. A very superior experience :)  I recommend it to everyone.


My phone is not working.. you can make calls.. kind of.. and you can sms.. though it is a bit trying as half the keys are not working.. apparently I use a lot of n, h, space key  exclamations etc. I just found out.. it works if I slap its behind!!! lol

No matter.... I am still on leave.. in the nether world.. phones do not matter! Have i received enlightenment you think?


I watched Chalo Dilli. An above average movie. I liked Vinay Pathak. Lara Dutta was also good. But the moral of the story was so not required!!!!!!!!!!! Niether was the entire skirmish with hooligans. Besides that, the movie was quite fine.

There have been so many movies on Delhi recently - I guess it is because movie makers have suddenly discovered that there is a lot of personality to people from Delhi.

Whatever it maybe, I am happy to hear the sights and sounds of Delhi!!


Today is Monday and didnt have to go to work. Thats why the song. I am enjoying my time off.. by sleeping in.. going to Blossoms and buying many books.. and chatting with a friend over lemon juice..

I also discovered, at Blossoms, that there are many PGW that I havent read. And many of these are out of print.. but joy....I found them on Flipkart.. well some of them.. And I intend to order all of them. This month no salary.. so I will order them One by One!

Right now, I am trying to make mutton curry.. a recipe I caught on BBC entertainment today. I am also discovering interesting TV shows!!!BBC entertainment (a channel I never watch BTW and which I intend to correct) has quite an entertaining programme called the antique roadshow. People come with their bric bracs and get them valued. A very interesting show! Where do people get all these ideas!!!

And now am onto Uma Thurman and Kill Bill  Vol 1.

Ah.. life is but a song....... lalalalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaa


Shruti said...

Super! You are back...:) Happy Anniversary wishes!

And congratulations on the move!! Good luck!

Moonshine said...

@Shruti Am glad you missed me :)) Thanks for the wishes.

the-mommie said...

such bliss! congratulations! we all deserve breaks like that every year is what i say!! :D

Moonshine said...

@Mommie Thanks!! One more coming up in Nov with my fav friend!!!!!! :D

the-mommie said...

a BIG cheers to that! :D

The knife said...

Happy Anniversary N & A. Congrats on the new job too and tell me all on FB. Goa holidays are always great and specially when the occasion is so wonderful. Met Scarlett today and we missed you.

Moonshine said...

@Knife Thanks!!! I will mail you :) I wonder if there ever can be a time when Goa is not good. Lol. I am sure I will get to read all about it soon!!! When next to Blore? Or maybe like we said the other day.. next is sydney!! :)

besunni said...

wonderful to hear about the wonderfully laid back holiday and you!
Happy 5th anniv - wishing you both many happy years ahead.

Moonshine said...

@besunni Thank you. One milestone at a time I guess!!!! I have decided I will plan something nice for the 10th as well.. :))

mêlée said...

You are back indeed! with so many good news and a tattoo :)
Happy anniversary wishes.
You vacation sounds like so much fun! I have been shut inside the campus for what it feels like ages :(
Will Goa be too hot around May last week?

Gobri said...

The break sounds nice. I know you will ask me to shut up here, but then I have so forgotten how enjoyable a break is immediately after a lot of work. My break has been too long now :(

Anyway, Goa sounded like fun. It brings back fond memories.

Moonshine said...

@melee Indeed I am back :)) And the tattoo was a temporary one.. It washed off!! I am too chicken to get a proper tattoo I think!!! I am slowly though building up on courage.. a life changing decision!!! :) Thanks for the wishes. And Goa will be hot. But Goa is Goa.. heat and all dont matter.Rains should start in June-July I think. Go somewhere for sure.. I am planning to go somehwre in aug.

@Gobri I wont tell you to shut up. It really really is enjoyable. So much so that I dont feel like working anytime soon now!!!!

Scarlett said...

Yes, Sydney is next!!!!! :))

And don't worry about the money you spent Moonshine. The memories you made will last as long as you live.

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett You are good for the spendthrift me.