Thursday, April 30, 2009

Friends forever

Even before i start, let me warn you it is going to be a soppy post. So you can exit right away ( i am sounding like the preface of series of unfortunate incidents)!

I am very close to some friends. Rather i get very close to some people, I am very emotional and get attached to people.. like a leech. I just cannot let go.

Every city - i have had my share of close friends.. the closest of whom i am in touch with still. The problem with me like i said is i get emotionally attached to people. I spend all my time with them... i share all .. good, bad or ugly.. trust people with life.. I wear rose tinted glasses.. and trusting people comes very easy to me!

This is not about how people have ditched me or something. Am i sounding like that? Dont mean to. I was just trying to say once i am close to anyone, i just give it all. And then if they are having bad days or ignore me, i get very upset. Its always been the case with me.

Like my school friends - we were very close.. the three of us. And then one went off to study abroad but i was ok even then because i was myself studying in a hostel. Even when i came back and started working.. i realised that things were not the same.. we had grown up.. and we had different circle of friends.. and i was ok with it.. talking to them about once in a month or something. And then suddenly the 2nd friend who was still in the city.. got married and went off to US. I was so upset.. i felt bereft (strong word i know). I mean i hardly spoke to her post coming back from college.. but i guess i was like.. she is there if i need something!

Another close friend with whom i spent hours and hours with... I am still in touch with her.. when we talk (which is once in a few weeks), we chat for an hour at least.. we pick up from wherever we left.. thats the beauty of friendship.

I get too attached. Even when i was leaving bombay, i was like how will i go on. I love my team.. what will i do without them... blore will not be good.. etc etc... the first month was very tough. But i guess things pass. I am still in touch with people who i was close to then.

Now here in blore, while i am close to some people, it is not like the relationship i shared with others. Maybe in time it will become like that.

Though most of the days i am quite cool with whatever i do - i blog (yah!!!)... i watch TV, i read , listen to music.. i do what i like doing.. in 100 days, maybe that one day.. i feel the need of company. Its so strange.. this world of friendship and the things that come attached with it!!!!!!

The anger, the joy, the frustrations.. everything. Arouses such emotions!!! Oh well.

I am not very sure if this post makes sense. But whatever.


the-mommie said...

I have these days too....


Moonshine said...

You are so sweet!!!! lol.. muah to you too!!! :)