Monday, April 20, 2009

Opus : I like!!!!

Went to meet a friend at a place called Opus yesterday for brunch.... On the way, me and my husband were like.. god knows what kind of place.. etc etc..

We reached there.. and we saw a shed .. from the outside.. and we were like.... oooookkkk

And then we went in.. it was nice.. not many people.. floor seating + tables too.. and goan food..

The brunch was.. well.. ok types... but the music was awesome!!!! There was live music happening... and we listened to a lot of retro.. we were drinking and doing general timepass.. ate lunch at around 5.. and all this while we were planning to leave..

When it started raining heavily... was so amazing.. we could see the rain as the place is not fully covered.. listening to retro music.. watching rain.. was like totally amazing!! And we went and got drenched in the rain.. deliberately!!!! Oh that was smashing!!!

Post a coffee later at around 7.. we decided to drink more and hang around as it was karoke night.. leave at around 8 maybe!!!! But then karoke started.. and we were singing ourselves hoarse!!!! I mean we didnt sing sing.. we sang along with the singers... and the whole place was jampacked.. and we ended up staying till 11.30 till the place shut!!! For 9 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was so rocking... Me wanna go back!!!! :)


Scarlett said...

9 hours at one place??? WOW!!!! Must be a mind-blowing place! And watching the rain while sitting inside with drinks/cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate is always amazing.

The knife said...

wow indeed!

reading about your watching the rain reminded me of a lovely experience, very far removed. This was during our trip to River Kwai at Thailand. We went for lunch in this open in the sides restaurant in the woods after we went to the River was raining then, green all around us and a dog snoring beside our table... heavenly

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett - yeah!!!!! Afternoon was general timepass.. eating and chilling.. started pouring in the evening... remember chocolate donut and coffee at CCD powai??? :)

@Knife - Very blissful scene you have painted... i love rains.. i mean not always.. but usually i do!!!

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - I was thinking of exactly the same day when I read your post & commented on it :))

The knife said...

I love the rains...specially when indoors...there are few things as lovely as seeing the sky cloud up and become dark grey before the rains start... more dramatic than the naggin rains in Mumbai

Moonshine said...

Its beautiful isnt it... devoting a full post on it!!!! :)