Monday, April 13, 2009

Tomorrow is Vishu

Tomorrow is Vishu. Thats what we call our new year.

For years, in school, vishu denoted one thing... a) you get money (mostly) from all elders... that was the best part and thats what i loved... :)

Actually a couple of more things too... b) you get good traditional veg food and c) you see the "kanni" early in the morning... will explain this in a bit.

But i never thought i would feel for it like i do now.. ok, i mean in school.. festivals always used to be fun.. even when in college/ when i started working, i never thought that i would actually keep or uphold all traditions that mom used to for each festival!!!! I never thought i would be the kind of person who would... more because of my lack of interest in all these things.. i really was not very bothered.

But now very strangely I am. I dont know the reason for it. Maybe its a post marriage thing.. or an age thing.. i just dont know. I think when i did do things that were to be done (during festivals i.e.) the first year post marriage, my mom was also very very zapped!!! I like the fact that i am doing these small things.. however non elaborate they maybe.. but i still am!!!

So for Vishu, basically, we keep all the pictures of god on a table.. and then on a tray, put rice, bananas, yellow cucumber, yellow/orange flowers, mango, gold, .. basically all yellow stuff.. and also diya, agarbattis.. we also decorate the pictures with gold chains/ necklace... we keep this ready in the night (after cleaning the area)...

Then early in the morning ...supposed to be dawn.. but relaxed in many cases.. i get up at 5.30 or something you need to get up (the woman of the house).. and light the diya and incense.. then wake the other members of the family.. cover their eyes with your hand and then open their eyes so that they see the "kanni" the first thing.. this tradition i find quite cute!!! As kids, we would just be bumping into walls/ cupboards.. see the kanni and then just go back to sleep!!!

Of course after all this, you prepare mallu food after taking a bath!

So i am going to keep the kanni now! And food bit.. hmmm.. lets see tomorrow!!! And i will get "money" from my husband!!! lol.... young people earn a lot of money this way!!!! :)

ps: been very tied up with work and hence the sporadic posts... went to the gym after sooooooo many days today only!!!!


The knife said...

happy Vishu

Moonshine said...

Thank you!!! And happy new year to you too in advance!!!! :)

Scarlett said...

We have chhutti today for Bengali New Year! Happy New Year to me too!!

Moonshine said...

Yay.. happy new year to everybody!!!! :)