Monday, April 27, 2009

Happiness unlimited

I got a haircuttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And its totally radical!!!! And i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And i cannot get over it!!!!!!!! A deep breath.... hmmmm... let me start again.

I went and got this haircut yesterday. I was a bit worried because i have never got my hair cut in Blore.. so went to this salon.. hoping all would be fine.. was worried because hair is hair afterall... once cut.. you need to wait it out!!!

So anyway, i went to this place.. my confidence was boosted by my previous experience there .. i mean a non hair cut experience.. i went there and asked the credentials of the person who would cut my hair.. i was asking questions like.. who is asked for the most.. is there a senior stylist.. etc etc.. but i was told everyone cuts hair here.. i was surprised and gulped.. decided to get other stuff done so that i could think about it carefully. And then finally after much deliberation i decided to go ahead with it!!!

So when this woman asked me how i would like my hair to be cut.. i said short but leave enough so that i can tie a pony tail.. i think she stopped listening after i said short.. i usually leave it to the hair stylists to do whatever with my hair after i give the basic pony tail instruction.. you cant really go wrong with it, can you.... so i was playing with my cell.. and suddenly i look up in the mirror and realise that hair on one side is shorter in length than the other!!! She was not the kind of person who would inspire confidence.. it took her 15 mins or thereabouts to figure it out that it was indeed the case.. after much prodding from my end!!! I was worried that by the time she gets around to matching my hair length, she would have chopped off all my hair.... And then i left my cell and focused on what she was doing..

I have a fringe too!!! And no i cannot tie my hair.. i straightened it too.. and it looks amazing! When i say radical... i had quite long hair.. till shoulder blades.. now it does not even touch my shoulder!!!!!

At work today.. i had the most fun.. though embarrassing day of my life.. not only did people squeal, scream, exclaim in excitement, they were also calling other people and telling them to look at my hair!!!!

Gosh i had such a wonderful time!!!! I think everyone should get a haircut!!!!!!

But tomorrow will not be so nice.. i need to wash my hair.. so the straight part will go off... it will not look as sleek as it did today! My hair will be back to its wavy self!!! People at work suggesting i should get a permanent straightening done... it costs 5000 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So there it rests!!! But in the meantime, anyway let me go and preen a little more in front of the mirror!!! :)


deeps said...

ohhh it s not as simple as it sounds ...

perhpas you could have gone to a man who i guess will do finer job!! ever tried?

neverthless whats important is you are enjoying every strand of it whether short or long, streight or otherwise...


Scarlett said...

Walking in to work with a rad haircut is so much fun! You become the center of attention. But don't get your hair straightened permanently. It looks really bad when it's growing out - part of your hair will be straight & the part that's growing out will be your naturally wavy hair. A better alternative would be to buy a hair iron - that way you can straighten out your hair whenever you're having a bad hair day.

Moonshine said...

@Deeps Yes men do cut hair better... i totally agree... you can apply a multiplier of at least 3 to the entire experience !!! Its much more fun!!! Not enjoying the it today though- the post hair wash look!!!

@Scarlett I was the center of attraction yesterday... today too, in the sense people wanted to see the post wash look!!! I plan to do something.. hair iron .. yeah maybe!!!

the-mommie said...

nice! send me a snap!!! have i ever seen u with straight hair??!!! NOPE! very interesting look! send me a PIC!!!

btw, irons work like magic! very good investment.

Lakshmy said...

read the blog after a long time..would love to see u in the new look...:)

Moonshine said...

@Mommie.. sent you the snap.. doesnt it look cool!!! Not bought the hair iron yet. Not v sure bout the effect on hair!!

@Lakshmy will send you the pic too!!!! :)