Saturday, November 20, 2010

Drunken stupor.. in the company of fellow blogger Knife

So one fine rainy day, Knife messaged me and asked if we could catch up for dinner!! I had many worries -

a) he had messaged saying, "dinner with you guys".. I assumed dinner along with many of his fans!
b) His 20,000 friends were leaving messages on FB and I assumed everyone would be invited with Knife sitting at the head of the table like a guru, and me trying to claw my way through to shake his hand, and
c) the stress of trying to suggest a place for a foodie like Knife!!!! You know, my amazing will not equal his amazing. I am happy with a nice ambience, good company and nice food.. which actually maybe substandard in his opinion!! Boy, was it tough. So I tried to convince him to go to UB city.. but he was in the mood for "grunge" food as he later told us.. and I was like, grunge food.. ehhhhh???

But finally what happened - a) guys = me and my husband b) no 20,000 people.. just us and him and c) we both arrived at Koshy's as the "it" place for grunge food.. I too like Koshy's.. but I wasnt sure whether he would like it .. it looks like old Indian coffee house.. with peeling paint.. ceiling fans.. friendly service with old waiters (who will disappear for ages and never see or hear you calling them.. but eventually they will turn up with a smile on their face, no rush and you cant help but feel nice and warm) .. and it has people like us dining there, you will find!

Koshy's is a Bangalore landmark... It has been there for donkey's years.. pretty much like Indian Coffee house. And you can sit there.. and sit there.. lounge around with your one will throw you out.

So amidst much trepidation, I met Knife along with husband. Husband had chanced to come home early last night and I got him along too!! And ........................... the verdict is.. it was fun. Koshy's passed Knife's test!!!

We ordered mutton cutlets.. now A is a foodie too.. so he suggested a couple of items. Mutton cutlets (A's recco), prawn biriyani (Koshy's recco), prawn curry rice (I love it and my recco) and pork vindaloo (Knife's recco). We reached at 10.40 just as the kitchen was to close.. and we were starving!!!! We nursed our drinks , A with his bud, K with his whisky and me with my old monk .. when suddenly we were served and asked for our last drinks order.. and we ordered another round.

Now with me the thing is, rum puts me in a "happy" frame of mind! Come to think of it.. so do the other drinks!!! Anyway.... good company.. high spirits.. and amazing food when you are hungry.. positively lethal combination! Research, food, work, food, scarlett, traffic, food, food, blogs, and more food.. were the conversation topics ;)

At 12 finally, we moved out of the restaurant with great difficulty.. boy we were stuffed!!!

It was truly fun and special! And no I do not have any pics!!! Check Knife's blog
for that!!

Knife... thanks for chocolates.. half way through it!!!! And like I said, next time UB City, rogue elephant, karavalli!!! :)


The knife said...

Hey what a lovely post Moonshine. Reminded me of the wonderful evening we spent together that night. As I told Ash later, it didn't seem like I was meeting A for the first time, and that you and I had never met socially....that's how at home 'you guys"made me feel

krishna said...

hii, good posts.. But verry tough to read on mobile because of the background images.. Tho, that's not the case on this page i.e. Comments page

Shruti said...

Mutton cutlets & Prawn Biryani... sigh! Its been so long since i visited Koshy's :(

Scarlett said...

So, how was it witnessing the first Finely Chopped restaurant review/photo shoot? :P

And how does Scarlett feature in the middle of "research, food, work, food, scarlett, traffic, food, food, blogs, and more food"? :)

@Knife - How come I don't get chocolates when I meet you? Am I not special enough? :(

The knife said...

But Scarlett you are chocolate brownie cheesecake and eclair special :)

Scarlett said...

@Knife - Oh! I forgot! How could I??!! My bad. I take it back :)

Moonshine said...

@Knife Thanks Knife :) I am glad you enjoyed the evening!!! Its strange we havent met socially except for this one meeting where we went for lunch to gomantak post a meeting! :)

@Krishna Thanks. Well the only solution i can think of - read the posts, ignore the background :)

@Shruti Madam you are in Bangalore. Please go to Koshy's :))

@Scarlett The food pics on Knife's blog are amazing.. It looks as mouth watering as it did in real!!!! The photo shoot was fun with A telling knife to take pics of walls etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were missing you since you connected the two of us!!! Remember?

Sassy Fork said...

20,000 fans...Knife,you can stand for elections and win them too.. as Food Minister!
Sounds like a fun evening!

Moonshine said...

@sassy fork He does have 20,000 fans!! In fact his fan base keeps increasing.. by now it must be 40,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)