Saturday, November 27, 2010

Of headaches, Archies, Pictures and more

The year is about to end.. and I have posted only 69 posts yet!

Prioritize moonshine, prioritize.... work will always exist, with you and without you.


A colleague, S, gave me the Archie wedding series of digest! There are 7 digests in all .. i read it all last night itself.. IT WAS TERRIBLE.

We like Archies, we love Archies... because they remind us of a time gone by .. a connection to the old world charm.. my own school/ college. I really do not want to see them getting married and having kids. I want to see them walk into a lamppost, goofing up in school etc. I am not ready for the "married" world.

Can I disclose what I read? Please please? Let me know.


I was reading all my old posts today.. I had so much fun reading them as well as the comments.. How much we all bicker!!

And as I read  my old posts, I felt my writing has deteriorated!! :(

Will I ever write so well that I publish a book? Ho hum.. a billionaire me , like JK Rowling.. keep dreaming moonshine!


News today :

1) CWG corruption scandal
2) Adarsh  housing corruption scandal
3) Karnataka housing / land corruption scandal
4) 2G corruption scandal
5) IPL scandal
6) Pamela Anderson on big boss 

Thats what I saw when I switched on to the news channel last week.

Pamela Anderson.......... so did she finally increase trps of big boss?


Some changes to my blog layout - I copied the "currently reading" bit from Scarlett and posted that on my blog... also added one new thing called picture of the week. I keep taking pics on my Blackberry. Random pics of my surroundings that I keep taking. I plan to put them up, once a week.

The current picture of the full moon is a few weeks old. It looked amazing. We were driving back from Koramangla and that's the picture I took when we were at a signal.

I also added an online pet.. a tortoise named oliver :)
I get headaches very often - if I travel a lot, if I sleep too less, sleep too much, eat food that doesnt agree with me, wash my hair in the evening when its cold, when its cold and chilly and I need to travel in a rick, if I stare at the screen too much , if I dont eat on time etc etc .. you get the picture.

Today I have a headache - I overslept. Saridon, my best friend.


A gloomy grey no sun chilly day today. I want to watch some nice romantic movie and have a nice cup of tea. I wish I didn't have to make it myself!!

Why am I not creative :(( .. On a gloomy day, one should do something nice.. to chase the gloom away.. maybe make a collage of old photographs and hang it somewhere.. now if only I had a wand.. or summon up enough energy!


Scarlett said...

I remember us having a conversation once when we were all in Bombay (ah, the good ol' days!) about you getting a turtle as a pet & naming it Oliver :)

Pamela Anderson couldn't raise the TRPs so they're planning to get Dolly Bindra back!!

Love your picture of the week idea. Very innovative!

And please feel free to disclose what you read in Archies Wedding Series. I've never read a single Archies my whole life, so it wouldn't make a difference to me. LOL!

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett Yeah yeah, I have been thinking about a pet for a long time. I ahve a toy turtle too named oliver :))

God that Dolly Bindra needs to wash her mouth!!!!

Thanks, came up with pic of the week - I tried to load it where the title is, it was looking weird.. so pic of the week!

Scarlett, there are those who read Archies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)) Have you ever tried reading Archies BTW?

Moonshine said...

BTW, move your cursor around the turtle .. it is quite cute!

And PLEASE POST!!! You havent posted in long.

The knife said...

I loved Archies and they would be a break from heavier books. I opped a Saridon today and I think that your post on our dinner was one of your best... :) and that's one of your later one's right?

the-mommie said...

i don't think ur writing has detriorated at all! infact its become crisper if anything! :)

like the new sections on the page. P will be very hapy to know u read pratchett! he's been kindle-ing about 2 a week for a while now!

i haven't read archie since school! wot the heck r they doing getting them married off! so, who married whom then? :)

Moonshine said...

@Knife You are too kind!!!!!!! Thanks though.. I am already in a happier state of mind. The sun also has something to do with it... and so has puri chole. I still love Archies.. I buy everytime I visit a bookstore.. which is once in a month! :) I love reading it when I am stressed or overworked!! It just takes my mind off things.

@mommie Thank you so much !!! Maybe I will see this post a few months later and still feel happy. Tell P I read wyrd sisters and now Unseen Academicals. It is quite funny. I am sure he admires wodehouse too!

So about Archies, the spoiler.. he walks down memory lane.. only into the future actually.. there is a crossroad and he takes one fork.. he goes and finds himself marrying ronnie.. works with mr lodge.. is rich and has twins, little archie and little ronnie. Then he goes for a walk and takes the other road.. finds himself marrying betty.. and here is the killer.. jughead is married to MIDGE!!!!! Moose is calm and cool and working.. he has embraced yoga and meditation techniques.. ronnie marries reggie!!!! And archie and betty have twins again. THen he comes back to present!!!!!!!! How sad is that!!! It was totally pakau.

Moonshine said...

@mommie BTW, did you say P kindles? I dont think I will ever be able to read on a kindle. More on that in the next post !!! :)

mêlée said...

Cute turtle :) and the idea of 'pic of the week' is nice!
You know on deteriorated writing, I have been thinking myself for some time. I used to write when I felt like I am addicted to blog and write whatever!! But reading it later always is fun. So keep writing more and more often :)

Moonshine said...

@melee One timepass widget.. though I generally find turtles very cute!! I plan to write more regularly.. this year I have only put in 70 posts!!! How terrible is that... hopefully, more writing = improved writing!!! :)

Scarlett said...

Your entire Archie getting married story made no sense to me whatsoever. I used to NEVER read as a kid. I thought it was a major waste of time. My mum tried to get me started on Enid Blyton for so long...she really persevered. Then she tried PGW. But I just wouldn't read. So yeah, I never read any Archies...or Mills & Boon for that matter, while my friends/classmates would be full of Archies stories. I guess they're good...that's why everybody loves them.

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett I guess you need to start reading Archies as a kid - i guess thats the reason why many of us like it.. takes us back to childhood. Actually I still enjoy reading it :)

MBs......... its ok you have skipped them.. you havent missed much :)

the-mommie said...

ebook vs paperback - i've been wanting to do a post on that for a while now. will be interesting to see ur take on it - although i know wot side ur on already. :)

Moonshine said...

@mommie hahaha.. I am predictable :) Wait for a couple of hours!