Monday, November 15, 2010

Preparing for the next HP release and more

So Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 1 is releasing coming weekend (dang, I havent booked tickets yet). Last time when I went to watch half blood prince, I remember having known only the basic story.. I had read the book a year back. So when people told me that it wasnt true to the book, I was flummoxed. The only reason why I had been claiming it had been true to the book was that Snape killed Dumbledore (sob) and thats all that I realised I remembered. The sob was for Dumbledore getting killed.. I was positively depressed!!!!

So this time round, I decided to be prepared and read Deathly Hallows. Anyway I remembered thinking (when i read the book the first time) that it was complicated. So now I have almost finished the book... and guess what, it is as awesome as ever!!!!!!!!!!! You know I had forgotten how brilliant JK Rowling really is!!!! The small loops tied in... the fast pace.. it really is brilliant.

The only problem with reading the book again before the movie is the worry that they will not be able to include everything in the movie and it will fall short of expectations!!

The second reason of course is to get into the mood of Harry Potter!!! And I am so full of it right now.. you can ask me any question from the book!!! And I feel fantastic about knowing these details that you ordinary people may not remember.. hehehehehe!!! I feel so good.

A question for you die hard fans...Like.. whose patronus was the silver doe???????????????????????? Come come people.. answer.. DO NOT GOOGLE.

And while we are at it, what is Luna's fathers name?

Name the 7 horcruxes... And name the things that can kill these horcruxes!!!

What is Ron's aunts name who talks about Dumbledore's book during the wedding?

What are the deathly hallows?

Who helps Harry/Ron/Hermoine break into Gringotts?
You can submit your own questions and I will try to answer :)
I am sick... oh ho, not mentally.. I am sick physically. I seemed to have picked up something from Sri Lanka.. food/water infection combined with irregular meal times = dyspepsia apparently. I feel like a character in a Wodehouse novel... the numerous uncles with dyspepsia.. was it Uncle Tom? Aunt Dahlia's husband?

It is sickening. I am supposed to have mini meals through the day as I am unable to eat a full proper because of lack of appetite.

Oh well!!!

Did you all watch KBC???? The guy won 1 cr....for 5 crs called out Ganpati Bappa Moriya to give him guidnace.. apparently the guidance he got was to continue.. he did not have a f*g clue to the question.... first person born in antartica.. who will for that matter.........took a complete guess against all advise!!! And lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AB was clearly frustrated and looked as if he wanted to slap the guy....... He got only 3 lacs ....... and this after he won 1 cr!!!!!!!!!!! Some people...............

And on that note.... goodnight!!!


Shruti said...

I will shortly be able to answer all your HP questions... :)

Moonshine said...

Haha Shruti!!! You have to answer right now or forefiet!!! :)

Scarlett said...

Silver doe - Snape & Lily Evans
Luna's father - Xenophilius
Horcruxes - Ring, Tom Riddle's diary, a locket, Harry, Nagini (that's 5 out of 7!!)
Deathly Hallows - Magical objects...a wand, a stone & Harry's invisibility cloak!!!

I think I should read the book again :)

the-mommie said...

scarlet, moonshine: the remaining 2 horcruxes that crown thing and the cup that belonged to the original masters of ravenclaw and hufflepuff, i forget which one belonged to which house!

i so desperately want to read the book again. but everytime i've done that and then watched the movies, i've felt the movies to be a HUGE let down. besides, this time i don't have access to my potter books 'coz they're all sitting neatly packed away in a box in delhi!

mêlée said...

Yay its potter time!!
and I need tougher question than these :)

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett Full points!!!!!! You are good... so more q's.. what was dumbledore and grindelwald's quote / mantra they believed in?

What was Luna's patronus? Who was the person with Luna in captivity who Harry rescues?

There are 2 wand makers in the story - who are they?

Read the book again.. hehehe

@mommie You are right!!!!! You are good :) I know what you are saying when you say that the movies dont live upto the books!!! But you know what .. read the book. It is just teh most fascinating book ever.

@melee answer the rest of the questions then :))

Or maybe i will answer these :

ron's aunt muriel was the one who talks about dumbledore

Griphook helps harry and all break into Gringotts.

More questions for you -

What gifts did Dumbledore leave for each of these 3? Name 3 ministers of magic. Name the 3 brothers (at least their surname) who find the deathly hallows.

the-mommie said...

my reading hasn't been stopped from lack of wanting (to).. but the unavailability of english reading material in this country n like i said, the unavailability of my own books! :(

it'll be a different experience i guess this time. I might even be able to enjoy the movie for its own value! :) I was super disappointed by the half-blood prince movie. this time may just be different!

Moonshine said...

@ Mommie I am watching it on saturday.... :) when are you watching? And what will you do with sonny boy????????/

the-mommie said...

lol! no plans yet. P is not in town this sat. i'll get to watch it hopefully soon though! sonny boy will be with babysitter! might as well make use of that convenience while i'm still here!

Moonshine said...

Of course!!!! Thats a great plan.. watch it quickly? If P doesnt enjoy HP, you could watch it with your girl - friends?

the-mommie said...

yeah, might just do that! lets see. surprisingly, HP is all that big here. I mean its big, but not crazy insane HUGE! weird! i've actually met a few ppl who don't care for it at all! it was such a strange experience, i actually physically stepped back to look at them as if they were insane! i mean ppl ALWAYS have a reaction - love it / hate it! but have never seen complete indifference!

Moonshine said...

Thats weird.. I know what you mean. AT our lunch table too, there is instant distancing from the HP series ... or vice versa!!! There has never been any neutral reaction.