Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pictures as promised - Sri Lanka


The view from our hotel room - Galle face beach!

The Kalaniya temple about 7 kms from Colombo - this was our favourite!!!!!! Definitely not to be missed!!!

St Lucias church

The Wolvendaal church and one of the tombstones inside the church!!!!

The Gangaramaya temple. It is a beautiful place yet again but extremely touristy!!!!!

The Kandy lake is pretty - and you can actually walk and sit in that peaceful area. We also saw monitor lizards basking in the sun. The 2nd picture is of the temple of the sacred tooth relic. It is a Buddhist temple. It is opulent, beautiful. No pics of inside the temple - I forgot to click!!!!!! :)

Earls Regency Kandy. A nice hotel - it faces the Mahaweli river. The only problem is that it about 10-15 mins drive from the city center. So if you do not have a vehicle, you need to rely on the autos!!!

Nuwara Eliya

St Andrews, the place where we stayed at Nuwara Eliya, a hill station like Ooty. All the houses at Nuwara Eliya are styled like English cottages.


Pictures of Fort Printers where we stayed at Galle. It is inside the fort and a really nice 18th century mansion!!!
Pretty much like Neemrana, they have tried to bring the restored mansion to the olden days as you can probably see from the pics (if you really stare at it).

Streets of Galle inside the fort, and yes thats me! :)

Galle cricket stadium - it is only fenced. So you can actually watch the match from the road and maybe atop the fort!!!! It is so close that you could probably see the cricketers from the road!!!!

What you can see in this picture is the Galle Fort Wall - On the right side of the wall is the quaint Galle town inside the fort and the left side is the regular Galle town. You can actually walk on the fort wall - it takes about an hour, a walk by the sea.

Sorry about the pic sizes!!!!!! It takes a hell lot of time to upload ... the entire formatting goes for a toss!!!!
But I do hope you get the general drift! :) Enjoy.


mêlée said...

:) thanks
I was disappointed at the pic size, but when I clicked on each I could see the bigger sizes. Lovely pictures

Shruti said...

lovely! I need to get details about your itinerary to use whenever i finally get there! It looks fantastic!

The knife said...

photos look fantastic and I must figure out from you how to put pics side by side....wd be going to blr for a few days on Thu

Scarlett said...

Looks quite like South India! Same topography. How was the weather?

the-mommie said...

NICE! The photographs look awesome!

Moonshine said...

@melee the stupid thing was all formatted with each heading and 3 pics coming in one row with my comment at the bottom and pics were normal size too!! But something went awry when i published the post!!!! Glad you like them!! :)

@Shruti Please dont use my itinerary!! We covered 4 places in 4.5 days!! SO we were mostly on the road.

@Knife Hi there after a long time!!! The pics are left aligned. AFter the first pic, dont move the cursor and just load the 2nd pic again left aligned. But my format went for a toss!! My heading was Galle and had 5 pics neatly come side by side when putting the post together.. went totally haywire!!! Give me a call when you get to Bangalore!!! We can catch up on thurs /fri? Whenever you are free!!!

@Scarlett Yeah it is like south India.. complete with men in lungis :)) Weather was playing truant.. sometimes rain, sometimes dry... colombo is hot and humid, Kandy is pleasant, Nuwara Eliya is cold (ooty like) and Galle was breezy (like Goa)

@Mommie Many of them taken by husband!!! He was operating 2 cameras His SLR and my small digital camera :)