Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another MC post but what the heck.

Yes I know, we are back to the same old topic. But I cant help it.

This post has come to the fore because of the reply to Bluestocking that I had put on my blog yesterday. I had said, I like most of the MC contestants. The minute I posted that I realised it was untrue.. LIAR that I am.

A quick correction - I don't like some of them. Now that there are only 8 or 9 contestants left, you can start to make out what each person is about.

Hayden : I like. Initially he appeared to be cute, charming, sweet. He has been a part of many eliminations and in most of them, he decided to stick with his team and face the elimination except for the one last one! Shows strength of character.. and he is quite smart mind you! Not the picture that a lifeguard creates in your mind. But he is good.

Billy : He is my FAVOURITE. He is always cheerful not matter what happens. And he is b****y good!!

Alana : She is pretty. But besides that I haven't really formed an impression about her. In the last team challenge though, she played the role of a very good leader.

Kate : She is sweet, down to earth, seems very motherly, helps out competitors in challenges!! Nice but doesn't evoke the feeling that Marion used to evoke in me.

Peter : Well he got out. He was a strong contender but very under confident. I would say that the judges moulded him a  lot. He was quite cool by the end of it.

Sun : I find her strange. I cant say I like her, I cant say I don't like her. I am not able to read her. She normally doesn't say anything, express anything. Even if she wins a challenge, she doesn't react. Don't know what to make of her.

Ellie : She is pretty with a smile that lightens up the place. Though she is all over the place most of the times, especially in team challenges.

Michael : I LIKE him. He is really good, very creative and seems very very very grounded. In fact, he is one person I have liked throughout the competition, besides Billy of course!!

Dani : Now her.. I don't like her. I don't know what is it about her that I don't like. It is not that she does something wrong, but I don't know why there is this something about her that I don't like. She used her immunity pin!!!!!! I know that she has earned it and and she should use at the first opportunity. But she was the captain of the team. She was supposed to be the lead, why they didn't get dishes out in time - the primary responsibility would be hers, being the captain.
Ah well, when I think rationally.. all of us are like her aren't we. All of us at work, we usually want to look out for our interests. I do. So why is it wanting to win, seems so out of place in this scenario!!!

Beats me.

Who are you rooting for? Scarlett, you are not allowed to post any spoilers. :p


Gobri said...

I like food shows and every where I turn I hear MC Aus is the King of them all. I have not yet followed it. I am still without a cable connection and that makes it hard.
Worth following on youtube?

Meenakshy said...

I like Alana..appears to be a matured,in-control person.Hayden is smart and charming.You are right,thers something abt Dani that is annoying.I jumped the gun and found out who wins..;))

Bluestocking said...

I agree with that Dani bit. What the heck! she wins immunity and gets a big advantage in team challenge, goofs up completely and then uses her immunity. Smart decision but not very endearing, I should say. I think that makes her the next person I would not mind going in order to save others. Plus, why does she keep tearing all the time?

Moonshine said...

@Gobri Yes, you got that right. MC Aus is the king of all food shows. Follow it on You Tube!! BTW, why are you without a cable connection again?

@Meenakshy I have resisted the temptation to figure out who wins. I did that for the last season!!! :)

@Bluestocking I know!!! I just cant stand her. Her laugh, her over confidence, aggressiveness.. I want her to be out. She better not win!!!!!!!!!!

Gobri said...

There is too much crap that comes on cable and I do not have enough will power to resist the temptation. Without cable I can regulate what I watch much more easily.
I started watching MC 3. It is pretty nice. I totally loved John and was sorry to see him go :(

Moonshine said...

@Gobri I understand what you mean - gets reiterated when I watch BIG BOSS!!!! Though thankfully, this time round besides the basic curiousity of who the contestants are, ahvent yet caught any episode.

Who is John? Was it the person with some health issues? I have totally forgotten the names of previous contestants. Quickly come upto speed. Here we are on the top 8 already!!!

Scarlett said...

Dani is annnnnnnoyinggggg. There was a hate wave against her in Oz. She's so inconsistent...she's either brilliant or completely crap. And she's so in your face as well. She gets on your nerves. And she does NOT look anything like me!! :D

Moonshine said...

@Dani She "looks" like you and not behaves!! She does remind me of you :))Your hairstyle and all are similar!!!!

But yeah she is so annoying!!! I so wished that she was the person who was banned in new york. Feel like giving her one. In this case, I was with Sun.