Sunday, October 23, 2011

It has a face

Well, what do you know. It has a face!!! Joy and glory.

Till now, it has been there - a thing, a foetus in me. I never thought of it too much except the discomfort it was causing me. But now that I am more used to it, I am somewhat more amenable towards it.

Day before, I went for my 5th month scan. And I actually saw its face!! It has a chapta nose like A.. A says it has a small brain, like me!!! So we are even. :)

And the funniest, when the doc was showing me my blood flow to the baby, only one thought came to my mind and I have to say this in Hindi : abhi se mera khoon choos raha hai. I somehow controlled my laughter. Totally contrary to what the doc must be facing in and out : women in tears at the first sight of their child. And here is this woman laughing!!

But of course I didnt make my thought public. But it was quite funny, at that time!!! My stomach was wobbling with the effort of silent laughter.

Here's to hoping it causes me as much amusement and merriment as it does right now :D

ps : Are my posts becoming as scattered as I think they are becoming?


mêlée said...

ha ha you are takng it all in such good spirit! :D I was laughing through the post

Moonshine said...

@melee Thank you so much :)) You are great at making me feel so good at having written random stuff!!!!! :))

The knife said...

that did bring a smile :) that's what matters at the end

Scarlett said...

Haha! Can't believe you've become so blase about it!

Exactly as I would've reacted...abhi se mera khoon choos raha hai! LOL

Gobri said...

These posts are very 'you' and hence very nice :)

Moonshine said...

@knife Very sweet of you to say so!!! :))

@Scarlett Its been 5 months!!!!!!! You and me are very alike.. lol

@Gobri Thanks!!

All of you guys are very sweet... encouraging me to write more rubbish!!!!! :D

Scarlett said...

5 months or 15...I could never have imagined you to be so blase about your pregnancy. I thought you'd be cribbing throughout :)

And who woulda thought we'd turn out to be so similar?!! :)

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett 5 months is a long time to get used to an idea. And I cribbed a lot in the first 3-4 months .. I do that even now sometimes, though not an everyday affair!! :)

And yeah!!! Imagine.. you and me similar!! Its really very strange - just that day I was commenting to someone, I have no idea how we are still in touch even after you have moved countries!!!!!