Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Already 2012!

Where did the year disappear. Someone pinch me. I feel as if I have sleepwalked through the year. It was just a few days back that I was at my previous company.

I changed companies after some 5 years and am pregnant. Quite a year I must say, though I still cant tell you what is it that I have exactly done in the year.

Next year, 2012, is full of change of course.. given my situation. I wonder what would I be doing next year. Here's what I wish I would be doing next year, besides the baby part of it :

a) Traveling
b) Reading
c) Blogging
d) Being with my family and friends, as much as I can.

Some of you, who know me from before, would be aghast that I haven't added working to the above list. I have always been a workaholic. Work has always defined who I am. This year saw a change in that thought. And no it is not a pregnancy related realisation. The change in priority started way before. The questions started last year I think - Is work really that important in my life, that I have woven everything else in my life around work. I used to map my entire day, week, month basis work. Well, I still do it.. but not as fanatically I used to manage things earlier.

And its not that suddenly work holds no importance in my life. It still defines me, to a certain extent. I still wouldn't know what to do if I did not work. But, these days I think, if I ever were to take a break from work, I don't think I would be at a loose end.. twiddling thumbs.. getting scared of thinking, rather brooding about "no job" situation. Somewhere I would like to think I have changed a bit. At least I say it aloud - I am bored of working, of whatever I am doing. Earlier, I would be astonished at people who could say such things.

If I had written a post an year or so back, Work would have been the top most item in my list. But now, am ok leaving it off work. But that does not mean I do not want to work. I do. I do get scared of the "no work" situation and becoming totally dependent. I don't fret as much about clients giving me a hard time or team not doing well or not meeting numbers.

As compared to the earlier me, I probably am not as likely to get into a panic about it.. am more accepting .. or so I would like to think.

This post was meant to be something else!!!!!! Its different :D


Bluestocking said...

Teach me how not to worry about work, please. I am not a workaholic but i am a major work worrier, if you know what I mean. And i totally get that where's the year gone feeling but I am also glad in a way that it is gone, because it has been very draining.
I shall end by wishing you a very Happy New Year & Merry Christmas

the-mommie said...

Happy baby year woman! :)

btw, didn't you also move house in this past year?! major things achieved in life, no wonder the year's whizzed past.

Merry christmas!

Moonshine said...

@Bluestocking I am too. A big time worrier. But now I have decided I will try not to worry so much.. what is the worst that can happen.. I will get thrown out?? Big deal!!!!!!

Merry Christmad and Happy New Year to you too :) Keep blogging.

@Mommie Happy non baby year you mean???? lol

Moved houses last year!!!

Wish you a merry X'mas too :)

mêlée said...

may the new year bring you all that you wish, plus a few pleasant surprises too :)
And its good to stop worrying about work and start living the other parts of life...I am glad you did so :)

Moonshine said...

@melee Thanks! Wish you the very same :) You do have a way with words :D

Moony said...

I have been super busy with new role..so havent posted any in quite sometime.. nice to see you have been consistent! :)