Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The language issues

Whats with calling someone "babe"!! I know it doesnt have anything to do with language .. but there are some words that annoy me to the extreme.

The other day, a friend called me and said, "how are you, babe!!" I find it so unnatural. And I have a name. I guess this friend is used to being abroad and thats how they refer to each other which I can still comprehend. What irritates me is this "babe" thing on FB. Conversations between women, girls will have one "babe" and one "muaaahhh". I cant help but cringe at the sight of these terms used affectionately (??). To me it sounds so wannabe!! Maybe I am becoming senile.

Another thing I do not like is the abbreviated version of english that you see on FB. "dis" for this, "dat" for that etc. A young cousin of mine messaged me on FB. Her message was full of "dis" "dat", "d" (the), "hv" (have), "ma" (me.. this one annoys me the maximum I think). After trying to comprehend it for 5 full mins, that I had to finally ask her to message the same message again but this time in proper english. Turns out, all she was asking was the distance between 2 places in Bangalore!!

Even the kids in my team send me such messages regarding work. Its so awful, this rubbish I am subject to. Till now, I havent pulled up anyone though I really had to control myself!!

I shudder to think of this kind of language permeating to official emails! Going by what I see, by the time my cousin starts working, it may very well happen. What is the world coming to.


Scarlett said...

Hahaha! I can feel your pain :)

Although I don't mind 'babe'. In fact I say it quite frequently to some people (only). But I can't deal with the 'dis', 'dat', 'den', 'hv', 'ma's of the world either!

mêlée said...

tell me about it!
when I asked one of my younger friends, she says she doesnt want to be bothered about 'right' usage and when you do it wrong you can do it the way you like!

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett I find "babe" very intrusive! Probably am not used to the term.. I think I can live with "sweetie" but not with darling or babe!!!

@melee The "non" right usage frustrates me!!

the-mommie said...

The 'babe' or 'babes' I can handle n have also used with some people - and like scarlett says - use only with those specific people! :)

But the incorrect english is REALLY annoying! if u can write 'ma' u can write 'me'!! n what the heck is this 'my bad' business! the first time i heard it being used - by an american ofcourse - i spent the longest time trying to figure out wot in the world it meant!!!! HATE that phrase! trouble is i've recently found myself using it with other firangs (who seem to understand the expression quite comfortably ofcourse)!!!

All this bastardisation of the language is a bit much sometimes or maybe i'm just too old and not 'kewl enuff'!

Scarlett said...

'Babe' is not intrusive, 'baby' is, and only one person should be allowed to call you that at any given point of time :D

@Mommie - I say 'my bad' as well. Picked it up in America of course!

Gobri said...

Oh boy... tell me about it. I cringe everytime I read such language. I have exercised the 'unsubscribe' button more than once on FB because of this.
Though dis and dat are highly annoying, I fail to understand using 'mah' for 'my'. That has to be more difficult to type.
I can be hit with babe and keep a straight face, but what gets my goat is 'dear'.

Moonshine said...

@Mommie I just remembered this "ma bad" expression. Isnt it just awful! The first time when I heard it, I had to ask the person to repeat it some 5 times before I understood what it was about.

@Scarlett I dont like being referred to as babe or baby or babes by anyone!!! And usually I find it would be random people who do so.. who dont know you from adam and it really irks me!

Whats worse than my bad.. ma bad!!! lol.

@Gobri Dear, Darling, Babe.. I classify all of them under the same bucket.Why cant people call other people by name. There were quite a few at our previous work place!!!

Bluestocking said...

It's eerie how your thought run similar to mine - I was just thinking of doing a post on this, with some more grouches included. Like why some people tend to abbreviate their own name to a single Alphabet and it is not because their original names are wrong. And i hate it when someone tries to do that to my name. "You might not like yours but I like mine very much. So, don't you dare!" I would like to say.

Moonshine said...

@Bluestocking Great minds think alike et all :)

I dont mind if people abbreviate their own names. As long as they dont do anything to mine. And I find it very difficult to refer to someone by the initials even on mail, unless am talking to someone else about a person and I do not want the world to know.

So many things that annoy me!!! Good Lord.