Thursday, December 1, 2011

Master Chef yet again..US this time

This is going to be a very profound post. So if you do not want to read a profound post, this is the moment where you can close the window. I am sounding like the prologue chapter of Series of Unfortunate Incidents. LOL. Nevertheless.

I say profound because of 2 reasons - I am writing on the way to work, while traveling in my car, even before I have started working! So, probably something profound coming right up. I have never been motivated enough to write when in the car. This is a first!!

And second, its on MC again. Hah!! Profound Cr**.

So, Kate won MC Aus. I am happy.. happy Micheal did not win. Gawd, he is so whiny!!!!!!

After MC Aus got over, I was still semi-happy as MC US was starting in the same time slot. At least something to watch.

So after 2 days of MC US bakwaas, I was motivated enough to post. If none of you have caught it -

Day 1 of MC US - Selection of Top 50 or whatever it is.

One guy comes in with a girl to cook.

Gordon Ramsay : Is she your wife?
Contestant : No
GR : Is she your girlfriend?
Contestant : No. She is a part of the dish (or something to that effect). I am going to make you body sushi.

And then, the girl removes her dressing gown and guess what, she is totally naked. This contestant puts a mattress on the cooking table and proceeds to put sushi on her unmentionables!!!

To which GR says : "I wouldn't want to get any hair on my sushi" (GROSS)

The contestant dribbles the sauce over sushi which is flowing everywhere.

GR : "your sauce is dribbling all over her."

Of course, they didn't select the contestant. Rather I should say, Thank God, they didn't.

Theatrics define MC of all other countries. Why cant they just focus on food like MC Aus. Why do they need to do all this drama. Even contestants are like this. One girl who has won beauty pageants.. and says in her introduction, I have bl***y walked in 5 inch heels in a swimsuit on a stage... trying to talk about how she is different and what all accomplishments she has had in life!!

Or another one.. this time a lawyer who pleads her case with the judges.

Or a judge (GR again) who tells a trucker who has a tattoo on his b**t to show his tattoo.. and he promptly drops his pants and shows it. The other judges tell him to wash his hand before cooking.

What the heck is this show about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why are the contestants so arrogant and cocky. Why cant they be normal like people in MC Aus. Even people at MC India are better.

This show is like another version of big boss. And all it incites you to do, is slap people.


Bluestocking said...

I was happy that Kate won too! She was my third favourite after Hayden & Alana. :-)
I am not even trying to watch MC US. I had watched a couple of episodes in last season and just didn't like that over the top aggression of judges and bitchiness of contestants. Why can't the show be just about food! and going by your post, it seems that they have actually become worse :-O

Moonshine said...

@ bluestocking I agree totally on the bitchiness bit!! Both contestants and judges.. Why is it they can't let food be the focus.... Grrrrr .. Painful watch it is!!!!

mêlée said...

oh it does sound quite unbearable. As such I am not able to digest the drama in MC India!!

mêlée said...

and happy to see you back here! :) :)

Moonshine said...

@melee Its like a hollywood creature movie like Alien.. where you are grossed out by those things but yet hold a morbid fascination to watch it. Probably like the movie, Final Destination!! :)

And Thanks! Glad to know you guys are happy that am posting!! :D

Scarlett said...

I cannot believe this! Did they actually show the woman naked and the guy's butt on Indian television??!!!!

And seriously, what's wrong with the show's producers????? Have they lost their brains along with all their money in the GFC??? American trashiness at its best.

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett It was blurred and then she had sushi on her unmentionables, so nothing was visible except her bare belly, legs etc. Gross is an understatement!!!!!