Monday, December 26, 2011

Don 2

I had wanted to write about Inheritance.. but Don 2 takes precedence.

I just watched it last night you see. Question No 1 - Did I like it? I am not very sure actually. You read my post and tell me if I liked it.

SRK as don - his entry into the screen frame is just awesome. If only I could whistle. He looks lean and mean.. literally!! His hair is long and untidy, tied into a half pony (as we used to call it). He is on this motorboat. He is thin. Thin to the point of looking malnourished. He looks as if he hasn't eaten for days. He has an untidy beard to go along with the untidy hair. And he just looks fantastic.

He looks every bit mean as Don was meant to look like. He looks positively villainous. His dialogue delivery is brilliant. He is ruthless, he doesn't care two hoots about anyone. The first half an hour.. Don in the Thai Prison is just all about SRK. And don't we just love it.

But then.. there's always a but isn't it! Then suddenly he reaches Berlin.. all clean shaven having escaped from prison.. and his hair is all nice and shampooed, dyed even. And I missed the Thai SRK throughout the movie. The plot tries its best to be intelligent.

It is definitely a slick movie. Theres no doubt on that. But I got bored in the middle.. for a good half an hour.. and I was thinking about intermission and eating popcorn..tried to peer at other people's faces to figure out their reaction, twiddled my thumbs.. I am sure am exaggerating.. but then again, I was mightily bored. Is there a word called mightily?

In any case. There was no need for Roma or Mr Malik in the movie. Remove them from the equation, it does not make an iota of a difference to the movie.

Lara Dutta looks ravishing, especially in the title song. She beats Priyanka Chopra hands down. But as much as she says, "mere aur bhi khubhiyan hain" etc, none of the other khubis besides her beauty and dancing skills get displayed in the movie.

And there was absolutely no need for Don to start swinging and singing and dancing in the song. The entire meanness factor built up in the initial bit of the movie goes for a toss.

And what was it with getting Don to roam around with cops to free hostages. With a gun in hand.. and Don doing heroics and saving people!!!  Villainy destroyed. And which cops in the world would allow a dreaded criminal like Don "jisko pakadna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai" to roam around like this. Many funny scenes dominate the bank heist. With SRK sitting sitting in the bank and calling Malik and asking to speak with Roma. Malik also obliging and giving the phone to her.. him complaining about helicopter lights etc..And to save best for the last, Roma still in love with Don and unable to shoot him. Whhhhhhhhaaaaaattt was that all about.

And there was another character in the hacker.. who seems to explain every step he takes, for the Indian audience (??). Example.. now I am recording this.. now I will show the same clip on video to the silly guards.. and now I will switch off the lights.. grrrrrrrrrrrr

Finally in the end, they grant my wish and show SRK with his beard ..  close to the Thai Version and I am happy.

It could have been way better. A tp movie for sure. A slick movie for sure. A hollywoodish movie for sure. BUT, I wish..


Bluestocking said...

oesseYes, there is a word called "mightily" :-) i think i still want to catch Don2. let's see. And do let us know what you think of Paolini's Grand Finale

Moonshine said...

@Bluestocking You must watch Don 2.. it is worth a one time watch for sure!! Next post on Inheritance.. I promise :)

Gobri said...

I liked Don 2. The plot was just about okay, the acting bad and plan to successfully steal was lame. But the execution was good. The shots were good. SRK looked arrogant. And I agree with you. Roma and Malik were useless to the plot. Roma did not even add any oomph to the movie

Moonshine said...

@Gobri it was slick wasnt it! I quite like Farhan Akhtar's direction!!

mêlée said...

It is like serving hollywood platter on Indian plates - the audience matters and so the directors spoil an otherwise good movie!

Moonshine said...

@melee So very right!!!