Friday, July 3, 2015

Solo travel

This topic of solo travel has been making its presence felt in my life. It flows and ebbs as per my moods.

This concept did not exist for me till the last 4-5 yrs. I was happy traveling with people and never occurred to me that I should go anywhere alone.

A few years ago, I was frustrated with work. I used to crib and whine and cry and was the most temperamental person you could meet then. I desperately needed a break. We tried to travel. both of us together but it just couldn't happen. Either I was tied up or he was tied up. Finally he told me.. why don't you go on your own. I must say, I was enthralled with the idea. But finally I could not bring myself to travel alone. My big fear - how will I go to the restaurant and eat on my own!!!! It will be so pathetic. LOL

I almost booked it and backed off.

Then my daughter happened. An for you moms out there, you know what I am saying, when I say I was the most frustrated. I don't know why, people only spoke babies to me. I did not have a life beyond the child. Even when I joined work, I used to work from home. There was no conversation in the house that did not begin with "baby". People constantly advising, fretting, asking, worrying .. I was forever in an annoyed state. That was the second time I thought about solo travel. But again, could not bring myself upto it.

I have travelled alone many times for work but never for leisure. I always wonder how would it be. Will I really enjoy that kind of a vacation. I read about so many people backpacking and just going off somewhere, fulfilling their travel fantasies and I am always envious. But can I do it?

I have never even watched a movie alone. I have had food outside alone and felt awkward. And therefore, I am always with a book. Now of course there is the trusted phone. I have done small walks on my own in different cities to while away time.. browsing books, clothes, doing timepass till that someone keeps the appointment. I cannot for the life of me, imagine what I will do if I travel alone. But it is always there in the back of my mind.

My big fears : exploring on my own. Who the hell do I share it with? That moment, when you see something wonderful and immediately turn around to tell the person with you. And the disappointment of there being no one. The weird strangers. Getting lost in a new place. Making new friends. Sitting alone sipping coffee and wondering what should one do next.

But it is definitely on my things to do.. if I ever get around to doing it. I want to experience it. The heady rush.



Scarlett said...

I'm paranoid about missing my flight/train/bus while travelling alone!

I'll tell you what...let's do a trip together, you & I. That will almost be like solo travel :)

Moonshine said...

Duo Travel!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha


Another trip on my mind is a girls trip. I don't think I have ever done one.

Scarlett said...

Neither have I. Our own version of ZNMD! Or Vicky Cristina Barcelona ;)

Let's seriously plan for the duo travel thing but. It will give us some seriously needed girl time as well.

Moonshine said...

Sounds like a plan!!!!!

the-mommie said...

Make it tri-travel! :D And that girls trip, count me in too! I too have recently decided that it is time I travel a bit, not on my own coz I don't like being completely on my own on a holiday, but definitely without the husband & kids. Girls trip it is! :)

Moonshine said...

@mommie when are you coming down!! Let's seriously plan something!! I vote for goa :)

Scarlett said...

I'm cool with Go too!

mêlée said...

I enjoy travelling solo. I actually like doing most social stuff all alone - watching movie, eating out, going to beach and museum, shopping etc. The freedom of doing things alone without having to think about the company is what I really love! But in my experience, traveling alone in India is not so much fun because there are always so many people staring and wondering and some even asking aloud uncomfortable questions even if well meaning or friendly.

Moonshine said...

@melee Men have it so easy! They don't have to bother with anything before deciding they should travel somewhere.

Its our conditioning I guess. Having done nothing alone, it becomes difficult to think about what all could one do!