Tuesday, June 24, 2008

change - the way of life

I went on leave for 2 weeks (i know that you know, but still thats the reference point). My boss took a transfer to delhi. I knew about it before i left. So i came back expecting to meet my new boss. This first thing i checked when i reached work (none of my ppl had reached by then) was, if the new person's name was now written on my ex-boss's cabin. But it was not - that when i came to know something is happening. Within a week, from having a new boss, we have gone to no boss and to a new (some other) boss again. One person has quit. My husband's getting transferred to another city!!!!! Its been 2 weeks since i came back and suddenly everything has changed... everything... at least professionally!!!

Who would have thought suddenly all this will happen... and that too, all together!!!! It is difficult .. change is always difficult to come to terms with... but somewhere in some corner of my mind and heart, i am also slightly excited at all these changes... new beginnings i guess..... some days of the week it brings a spring to my step... and on other days, i somehow drag my tired self to work (tired because of uncertainity)!! It is as scary as it is pulsating... soon we will leave everything familiar and go into a new territory....

BTW planning to drive down to the new place when we go.. thats exciting!!!! :-) I guess evil exists with good, bad with great (i think it is bad with good... but whatever), familiarity with the excitement of exploring the unknown .... hmmm... all in all change completely changes everything, doesnt it!!!


Scarlett said...

I'm a little more fond of change than you are, I think ;) After doing the same thing for a while, I absolutely crave change - be it in my personal life or professional. Change is exciting, it CAN be a little scary but it gives you something to look forward to. But your's has been a 'when it rains, it pours' case, so I can understand your trepidation.

Moonshine said...

I guess there will be some resitance to change always!!! But there is definitely a part of me which is very excited about it too!!!